Buy Neopets Battledome Items

Whether you want to become a Neopets Battledome legend, or just want to have some fun and win some prizes, our site allows you to buy Neopets Battledome Items and buy Neopets Battledome Weapons! The old Battledome was removed from Neopets in 2012, and was replaced with a newer, much nicer, updated version! As of right now the Battledome is up and running, but still in beta, but you can still fight people and win prizes. Once the Battledome comes out of beta, weapon prices are bound to increase drastically as many more people start joining in the fun and purchasing sets.

Thyoras Tear

Once you have an awesome Battledome Neopet, you can’t do much without a group of weapons, sometimes referred to as a set. We sell almost all of the high-end, and cost efficient BD weapons that you can purchase for your set! Some of our cheaper items, like a Ghostkerbomb, and a couple of Anagram Swords, such as Sword of Reif or Sword of Skardsen, will allow you to beat almost any challenger that you face. Also we have various other items like TTear, JadeSS, GSword, FSS, MSkull, SuAP, BGC, JWand, iStaff, Ghostkerbomb, etc.


We are here to help you obtain Neopets Battledome items, so that you can get the most out of your Neopets Battling experience. Purchase Neopets Battledome items today!