Buy Neopets Main Accounts

Was your Neopets account frozen lately, and don’t know how you will ever rebuild everything that you had? Or maybe you just wanted to have two accounts to earn twice as many neopoints on? Well, look no further! Here at NeopointsDeals, we have some of the best looking accounts that you will ever see, no matter where you look!

vindicator waverider curse of maraqua plot trophy maraquan warriors shield commander of the tides

Some of you are probably asking yourself, what’s the point to buy Neopets main accounts when I could just make one myself? Well, first of all, these accounts that we are selling are some of the nicest accounts that exist. It would take YEARS to build up accounts like these from scratch. Also, as a bonus point, our accounts are for the most part, very old, which makes everything look more legitimate.

Some of the details that make these accounts so nice include having huge stamp albums, big avatar counts, including old retired avatars, themed galleries, rows upon rows of trophies, and so much more! All of the stats that people can see from the userlookups of these accounts are amazing. Not to mention that most of them come loaded with pure/items on them.

Neopets Accounts

Purchase neopets main accounts from us today, and save lots of time and money! If you have any questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to contact us.