Buy Neopets Paint Brushes

Buy Neopets Paint Brushes

Paint brushes are items that can be used to paint your Neopets different colors at the rainbow pool in Neopia. They are sometimes given out by Random Events while you are browsing Neopets, won from the Fruit Machine, or you can buy them from someone else. Depending on the color that you would like to make your pet, these paint brushes can range anywhere from 20k, up to 5m+. A lot of the nicer looking colors, such as the Plushie Paint Brush, Wraith Paint Brush, Maraquan Paint Brush and others tend to be more expensive because the demand is higher than the supply.

Woodland Petpet Paint Brush

Here at NeopointsDeals, we do our very best to keep an extensive stock of paint brushes for our customers, but they sell so fast that it is can sometimes be hard. If you are looking to purchase Neopets paint brushes, and you see the one you would like in stock, we recommend buying it right away so that you don’t miss your chance! If we don’t currently have it in stock, you can always but some ETS items, or pure NP and just buy them off of the trading post using those NP!

Dimensional Paint Brush

If you want a color change for your Neopet, but you don’t know what color you should choose, go ahead and browse all of the possibilities here, at the rainbow pool. Buy Neopets paint brushes from us today and save!

Stealth Paint Brush

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