Candy Cane Striped Ice Treasure Chest

Candy Cane Striped Ice Treasure Chest

You already know, no event on Neopets is complete without a NC aspect to it, so accompanying the 2014 Neopets Advent Calendar this year is this Candy Cane Striped Ice Treasure Chest. You can obtain one of these Candy Cane Striped Ice Treasure Chest randomly by clicking the Candy Cane in the animation, although you are not guaranteed by any means to receive one.


The Candy Cane Striped Ice Treasure Chest are No Trade, so they will remain on your account forever if left unopened. To unlock this treasure chest, you will need to purchase an Ice Candy Cane Key for 125NC at the NC Mall. The Key is a one-use item, and it can be used to open up one chest.


Opening up your chest is easy. With both the chest and key in your inventory, go to your inventory page, click on the chest, than select ‘Unlock’ and click submit.

The following are the exclusive prizes which can only be obtained from this chest:

Christmas Porch Background
Gold Fancy Dress
Golden Woodland Staff
Side Swept Blond Wig
Snowy Lights Garland
Wintery White Hood

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