Coal War Tactics Guide – New Neopets Game!

Coal War Tactics Guide – New Neopets Game!

Another new game has been released on Neopets, Coal War Tactics. Yet again, this is a remake of a Petpetpark game named Boat Blaster! If you’ve ever played Battleship in real life, this game is a breeze to learn.


Madam Salt and Baron Goldnose have competing claims to the profitable ore nodes that lie deep inside the Grand Neovian Mine. While Salt prefers to get her paws dirty with the day-to-day business, Goldnose likes to keep his eyes on the bottom line: his money. Their once-friendly rivalry has exploded and now, no minecart is safe from the dynamite. Support your favourite and strap on a helmet, because this mine’s going to blow!

Coal War Tactics

How to Play

There are three difficulties to choose from; Easy, Medium, or Hard. Next, choose a prospecting boss; Madam Salt or Baron Goldnose. Drag your minecarts onto the cavern map to place them, you can rotate by using the spacebar. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of placing the carts, just hit random and it will be randomally placed. You can also plant booby trap minecarts. You can earn power-ups and the occasional pile of valuable ore while you’re down there, but watch out. You aren’t the only one armed with dynamite…


Clear opponent row Clear an entire row.
Clear opponent column Clear an entire column.
Clear 9 opponent squares Clear 9 squares.
Free turn! Free turn.
Move your ship Move your ships.
Hide your ship Hide your ships.
See four squares on opponent's board See four squares on your opponent’s board.


Coal War Tactics Trophy


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