Coltzan’s Shrine Neopets Guide

What is the Coltzan’s Shrine?Several years later when King Coltzan III had died a shrine was built for him in the Lost Desert. One of King Coltzan’s last wishes was that his crown was to be placed in the shrine for its power will protect the whole of the Lost Desert from harm. Rumors say that going to the shrine might grant you with items, neopoints, or even stats!



HistoryKing Coltzan III was a brave and just warrior who governed The Lost Desert with a kind heart and generous soul for many years. His legendary status as a noble defender of The Lost Desert grew as the tales of his heroic deeds spread throughout the land. There isn’t a single Sakhmetian alive who has not heard the tale of how Coltzan defeated a savage Monocerous with his bare paws, or of the time Coltzan rescued Princess Lightfoot from the clutches of the nefarious Baron Nehlaki.

Once he died his crown was stolen from the Coltzan’s shrine by Malkus Vile with the help of the infamous Meerca brothers. It was soon recovered and returned back to the Shrine.



What Happens when you visit the Shrine?Several things can happen when you visit the shrine. Here are some good things:



  • You can win 1,000,000 neopoints from the shrine! But this is very rare.
  • Much more likely, you can win a few hundred neopoints from the shrine.








Stat Ups
  • [Insert pet name here] has gained 1 level(s)
  • [Insert pet name here] gained 1 point(s) of defence
  • [Insert pet name here] gained 1 point(s) of strength
  • I hope this helps, [Insert pet name here] feels faster!
  • I hope this helps [Insert pet name here] is restored to full hit points
  • I hope this helps [Insert pet name here] feels more intelligent!


Sometimes you don’t gain anything from the Coltzan’s Shrine. When this happens you get one of these messages:

  • You hear maniacal laughter in the distance…
  • You hear a high pitched scream, then it fades.
  • A chill wind picks up, and then dies down again…
  • You get a tingly feeling in your spine…
  • You get a tingly feeling in your spine…Awww.. nothing happened
  • The sand beneath your feet feels warmer than usual…
  • You hear footsteps in the distance…



How come I can’t visit the Shrine?People with accounts older than 4 days are able to go to the shrine and pray to King Coltzan in order to get a blessing once per day. If your account is less than 4 days, you cannot visit it.


Pet SayingsHere are just some sayings your pet will say when you click the Coltzan’s Shrine…


  • They took long enough to make this shrine, it better be good!
  • After this we should go and get a smoothie!
  • I’m not sure, do you want to play Gormball instead?
  • ‘I hope this doesnt hurt!!!’
  • Do you think he will make me stronger?
  • I hear the shrine can give out one million Neopoints!!!
  • I could do with some help, Coltzan!
  • I’m sure more intelligent Neopets would understand this shrine better than me!
  • Was Coltzan a good king??
  • This sounds like fun!
  • Poor old Coltzan…
  • Afterwards, do you fancy a game of Deckswabber?
  • I’m hungry.
  • I better get some rare items out of this!!!
  • I wonder if the shrine gives better prizes at certain times of day?
  • Aren’t there dubloons buried in the sand around here?
  • And to think, Malkus Vile would have got away with it if it wasnt for us pesky Neopets! [Read the history section before for information on Malkus Vile]



Times to get ThingsI wonder if the shrine gives better prizes at certain times of day?

Well, Coltzan does! There is a certain time where you get better items than at another time.

Speed: Every fifth second of the hour
Defense: Every tenth second of the hour
Strength: Every thirty minutes of the hour
Endurance: Every hour of the day
Level: Every two hours of the day! (ex. 12:00 AM, 2:00 AM, 4:00 Am, etc.)
Burnt Food: 11:00 – 12:00 NST
Dubloons: 55 seconds past the minute

These Timings must be exact! For the exact NST time, look at the sidebar on the right!