Getting Published in the Neopian Times

Getting Published in the Neopian Times

Like having your name in lights? Or… maybe in a paper? However, you don’t exactly know how or how the neopian times works. Boy do we have tips for you!


BasicsThe Neopian Times is a neopets version of a newspaper. A new issue comes out every week for you to read. The Neopian Times isn’t written by TNT (The Neopets Team) it is written by you and everyone else in neopia.

There are five sections in The Neopian Times. The first section is articles. Articles contain information that will help you play neopets. Information on how to play “Meerca Chase II” could be a good topic as long as you don’t put in any codes to get stuff like special level. Remember no codes. Also an article must be at least 1,000 words and can’t have more than 50,000 words. Basically an article contains information with you think will help other people.

The Editorial is the second section. First things first, an editorial is a place where you send in questions and they get answered. The person who answers the questions you send in is Donna Williams. If you get your question in the editorial it will not count as content for the NT Star avatar. If you want to send in a question it will not be on page where you send in all the other material, it is on this page.

The next section is short stories. I find short stories irresistible; whether they’re funny, sad, or just plain interesting I love them. If you want to write a short story you need to be extremely creative. If you need an idea try looking around Neopia for interesting Neopets or an interesting setting. If a plot is going on then you could take a character out of it and make a story out of that. A short story need to be at least 1,200 words and it can’t be more than 4,000 words.

The fourth section is Comics. Comics are there to make you laugh so make it funny! As always, comics should be original work, with the setting being Neopia. The text should be easy to read, so make sure that your text isn’t too small or sloppy. You can only submit your comic as a single file, not 5 different ones. The maximum file size is 200 KB, the maximum image width is 470 pixels, and accepted file formats are GIF, JPG. Finally, if your image is too big, TNT may have to shrink it down to fit on the page. Remember try to make it funny!

The last section in the Neopian Times is called Series. I personally love reading series so if you get your series in the Neopian Times I might end up reading it. A series is a story that has different parts, with a new part being released each week. Series should be sent divided into their respective parts, all in the same submission. TNT likes you to limit your series to around 6-8 parts, so that other writers have a chance to be in The Neopian Times. They can accept up to 12 parts, but they prefer you to keep it shorter. Each section should be at least 1,500 words and can’t be 50,000 words. If it’s to short you could try to put into a short story.


Rules for the Neopian Times

Almost everything in life has rules so why shouldn’t The Neopian Times have rules? If you want to write content for The Neopian Time then please read the rules here or at this link. These rules need to be followed if you want your content to be in The Neopian Times.


  • Descriptions of excessive violence, death or bloodshed. Users of all ages can read the Neopian Times
  • Make your writing creative and original. Do something that no one else has done!
  • Don’t talk about technology such as electronics and cars. Futuristic technology from the Space Station or Dr. Sloth is OK.
  • Make it Neo-Related if it’s not then it will not get published. Simple as that.
  • Please don’t talk about real people or places or parodies of them.
  • Follow all the word limitation.
  • Don’t talk about Neopets as if they were furniture. There every neopet is a person.
  • No discussions of relationships, dating, weddings, and anything like that. Parents and families are OK use in your work.
  • Don’t talk about species or colors that don’t exist on the site.
  • Don’t talk about secrets for games, avatars, hidden places, Jelly World, and stuff like that.
  • Don’t write about scams, frozen accounts, or anything like that.
  • You should NEVER use anyone else’s work in The Neopian Times or anywhere else!


Final Tips

OK if you read everything above then you should be in pretty good shape, but here’s a few final tips to get into the Neopian Times.

  • Follow all the rules and remember don’t use anyone else’s work if you do you could get frozen!
  • Choose a good day to submit your content. If you submit on a Thursday, you most likely won’t get it published. Try on a Monday or a Tuesday.
  • Petpets can’t talk to humans or neopets. Though petpets can’t talk to Neopets they can talk to other petpets, they also can have thoughts.
  • If want to be published in the Neopian Times, check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Now regarding faeries, no male faeries or faeries not on Neopets.
  • Don’t make your content in one gigantic paragraph. Put it into smaller one like I done here in this article.
  • If you want to add bold or italic to your article or story, you can use html. TNT will take care of other formatting for you.
  • Read the Neopian Times. See what TNT likes, try to make it similar but be original!


Fun fact

Have you ever seen those little quotes up at the top left corner of the Neopian Times? Here is a full listing of them.


  • Sanity is forbidden
  • There are ants in my Lucky Green Boots
  • Invisible Paint Brushes rock
  • A Yurble stole my cinnamon roll!
  • Chet Flash wuz here
  • Battle Quills… ready!
  • Neopia’s Fill-in-the-blank News Source
  • teh 1337est n00zpaper
  • Enter the Snowflake’s lair…
  • Now with 50% more useless text
  • Meow
  • White Weewoos don’t exist. *shifty eyes*
  • Caution: Quills may be sharp



There are two avatars for The Neopian Times. Here is a list of those two avatars and how to get them.

Have your content written in The Neopian Times 10 times (Have the 10x trophy) and view your user lookup. If you write a ten part series then you’ll get it after your series is done.
Be published in any 50th issue of The Neopian Times. Again available only when a 50th issue occurs. (The 200th and 250th issue writers have been given this avatar.)

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