Great NC Scavenger Hunt

Great NC Scavenger Hunt

A new NC Mall Event has been released called the Great NC Scavenger Hunt! There is three different hunts to choose from, you can join one, two, or even all three! The three Scavenger Hunt satchels include: Great NC Scavenger Hunt: Ciphettes Satchel, Great NC Scavenger Hunt: Nodas Satchel, Great NC Scavenger Hunt: Lavishams Satchel. Each of these three satchels costs 700 NC!

Great NC Scavenger Hunt: Ciphettes SatchelGreat NC Scavenger Hunt: Nodas SatchelGreat NC Scavenger Hunt: Lavishams Satchel

Neopets Scavenger Hunt

For each satchel you purchase, inside you will be given a list of things to find around Neopia! When you click on an item on the list, you will be given a clue as to where you can find that item.

NC Scavenger Hunt

When you find an item on the list, this is what the event will look like:

Great NC Scavenger Hunt

Great NC Scavenger Hunt Prizes

Noda’s Cookie Quest Prizes

Gingerbread Oven BackgroundGolden Spoon WigDessert Chef ApronSkirt of Embers
Skirt of Embers
Dessert Chef Apron
Golden Spoon Wig
Gingerbread Oven Background

Ciphette’s Mystery Search Prizes

Inside a BalloonRainbow Confetti TreePopping Bubble GumPath to Ednas Tower Background
Path to Ednas Tower Background
Popping Bubble Gum
Rainbow Confetti Tree
Inside a Balloon

Lavisham’s Giftwrap Grab Prizes

Jhuidah WigGreen Scallop Evening DressUsuki Bow ShieldCurled Ribbon Skirt
Curled Ribbon Skirt
Usuki Bow Shield
Green Scallop Evening Dress
Jhuidah Wig

Great NC Scavenger Hunt Satchel Bonus Prizes

Nodas Cookie KioskMystery Capsule StaffGift Wrap Caplet
Gift Wrap Caplet
Mystery Capsule Staff
Nodas Cookie Kiosk

Neopets FAQ; Great NC Scavenger Hunt

What is the Great NC Scavenger Hunt?
The Great NC Scavenger Hunt is a new NC Mall event where you join a scavenger hunt and earn NC item prizes. To get started, there are three teams waiting with clues for you to work on. The three teams are: Noda’s Cookie Quest, Ciphette’s Mystery Search, and Lavisham’s Giftwrap Grab. Choose one, two, or all three, and make sure you have a satchel from the NC Mall to hold all the items you’ll need to go find. As a reward, for finding clues each day you’ll earn an NC item prize. Please note that each team will require its very own satchel.

What is the duration of the Great NC Scavenger Hunt?
The Great NC Scavenger Hunt event will run from May 21st to May 28th. You can participate any time within that period by purchasing a team (three teams to choose from) satchel in the NC Mall.

Will I be able to join the hunt and solve clues on days that have passed?
Yes, you will be able to join the hunt and solve clues on days that have passed. Simply click “view clue” from the scavenger hunt list to start your hunt.

Is there a bonus prize for participating in the Great NC Scavenger Hunt?
Why yes, yes there is. There are three chances at a bonus NC item prize with this event shown below:
Activate a team satchel within the first three Neopian days of the event. There will be three bonus NC items, each specific to their team satchel.
Completing the team’s scavenger hunt. Once you’ve finished the scavenger hunt for a team, you’ll have the option of choosing a bonus item from a selected list of items. Yay!
Completing the scavenger hunt for all three teams. For being fantastic, you get one more bonus prize. Enjoy!

How do I know which item to look for today?
Check your list on the hub page. When an item is available to search for, the space will change from grey to white and you will be able to click on the “view clue” link.

I found a scavenger hunt item hidden in Neopia, why can’t I collect it?
You must have the satchel that corresponds to that item activated in order to pick up any prizes you see hidden around Neopia. Visit the hub page and activate a satchel to see the scavenger hunt list.
The scavenger hunt items have different colours around them to help you indicate which team each clue it is associated with. Below are team colour breakdown:
Noda’s Cookie Quest- Orange
Ciphette’s Mystery Search- Blue
Lavisham’s Giftwrap Grab- Purple

How do I purchase satchels?
There are two ways to purchase your satchels:
Visit the NC Mall.
Visit the Great NC Scavenger Hunt to purchase your specific team (three teams to choose from) satchel. Once you purchase your satchel, be sure to activate it before starting the hunt!

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