Guess the Weight of the Marrow Guide

Guess the Weight of the Marrow Guide

This is a betting game, but it’s so simple that even a baby pet could play it.

The story starts with a giant marrow called “Old Bessie” that grew to 100 tons. In memory of the marrow, this Wocky farmer decided to held a competition that involves guessing the weight of a big marrow. Great. Complex. Yay.

So, this is the marrow of the day (they don’t have the right to a name, poor vegetables…)

See that box? Just enter any number between 200 and 800 (that’s what marrows usually weight on this farm) and press “Guess”. If you’re lucky, you’ll guess the weight correctly. With no luck, you’ll receive the message:

Oh well, don’t worry too much, you can try again tomorrow. Shame really, because I had all these super cool rare items for you if you had won… oh well!

If you try to play twice you’ll receive a “Ooops!” message: you can only try to guess the weight of the marrow once a day. The first 10 people to guess will receive a nifty prize. The others won’t.

The competition starts every morning and closes at noon (the exact hour is unknown).

Here’s a list of the prizes you could win if you guess correctly:

Chocolate Marrow Slice, Marrow, Marrow and Rice Sundae, Marrow Bean, Marrow Loaf, Marrow Pie;
Marrowblade, Elixir of Marrow, Marrow Sandals, Marrow Mask, Marrow Bone, Marrow Cream Pie

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