Guide to Neopets Quests

Guide to Neopets Quests

Everywhere you go around neopia there’s a chance a quest will pop up. Everyone wants something, so it works out. Doing something for someone else gets you something in return. That’s what people like. People hope from this exchange, a proifit.

Quests in General

There are two types of quests. Faerie quests, and other quests. Haha – that’s specfic right? Well hear me out. Faerie quests will only ask for one item, and in return you will always get a certain reward. Like if you get a request from the dark faerie her request will always be for some toy and she will always give hit points. Other quests include Taelia, esophager, etc. This guide is here to explain for you what quests are good to do and which ones are not, and what you gain and have to get from the quests. It’s a pretty awesome guide, so enjoy.




Faerie Quests
Things you should know about faerie quests is that you get them randomly around the site. You don’t know when you get them. Once you get them you cannot use the shop wizard to help you so you can simply ask a friend to look up an item for you instead. Once you get the item you must Go here in order to claim your prize. You do get unlimited time but if you choose to reject doing the quest you hav to wait a certain period of time ( A very short period, at most 5 minutes) before you can receive another random quest.


Air Faerie

What does she want?:Cosemetic items of any kind. Air faeries are vain. :P
In return?: More speed/agility for you pet. (+1 movement for random pet)
Is it really worth it?: Most cosemetic items are cheap so I say go for it if it’s under 300 neopoints. Easy training! Yay! ^^


Earth Faerie

What does she want?: Expensive Magical items (Motes, bottles of water, etc.
In return?: She makes your pets bloated.
Is it really worth it?: I say no – don’t do her quests unless under 500np. You can get the same results from the Healing Springs for free.


Fire Faerie

What does she want?:Clothes
In return?: Increases your pets strength.
Is it really worth it?: These quests are really worth it because the items she asks for are cheap and you get +1 strength which is really good.


Water Faerie

What does she want?: Books
In return?: Increases your pets defence.
Is it really worth it?: I suggest only doing it if the book is less than 200np because otherwise books tend to be expensive and not really worth it.


Light Faerie

What does she want?: Collectable Cards
In return?: Increases your pets level by one or two points.
Is it really worth it?: Only do it if the collectable card is less than 1000 neopoints. Otherwise it’s a waste.


Dark Faerie

What does she want?:Toys/Models
In return?: Increases your pets endurance.
Is it really worth it?: The toys aren’t usually expensive so I say go for it. If the toys are above 200np just ignore it otherwise it’s a good quest to do.


Faerie Queen

What does she want?:Random Items
In return?: Random Stat increases (Can be very good, or just pointless!)
Is it really worth it?: This faerie quest is mostly a gamble. Most of the times you wil get great stat updates, but sometimes you won’t. I suggest you do them if the quests are under 3000, because it’s cheaper than a codestone.


Fountain Faerie

What does she want?: Generally Expensive items
In return?: A pass into her rainbow fountain where you can paint your pet any color you’d like.
Is it really worth it?: If the item is over millions, then no. But if it’s in the 100,000 – 200,000np range then yes. Most paint brushes will cost in about the millions or high Hundred thousands. So play your cards right and you get a nice lookin’ pet for yas. The Rainbow Fountain however is only working if you have a quest at the current time.


Space Faerie

What does she want?:Random Items
In return?: A certain amount of level increase.
Is it really worth it?:Depends how expensive the item is. You can earn up to 4 levels from the Space faerie.

How Do you Get it?
Paint your Buzz at the Rainbow Fountain.

There are also two other faerie quests, Illusen’s Glade and Jhudora’s Cloud. You can find more information about them on those pages.



Other Quests
Other quests… well, are basically quests that don’t go under Faerie Quests! They tend to ask for more than one item, and tend to be a little more expensive. You have only a limited amount of time to do these quests sadly, but rather than stat increases you can get items and neopoints in return! We’re here to tell you which give the best rewards!


Brain Tree Quests
What he wants?: Like most people with big brains, that brain only wants more knowledge! So our friend the brain tree here is looking for more knowledge to fill his brain. He wants the time and death of certain people. In order to get answers you have to do Esophager quests. The Esophogarwill give you one of the answers per quest rather than an item. The esophager is the only one who knows answers to these quests, no one else in neopia does! Don’t ask! Wierd. The Esophager knows more than the brain tree. x)
What you get?: Items and a certain amount of neopoints.
Is it Worth it?: It really depends on your luck. Sometimes you’ll get get a feather tickler worth 200 neopoints, but other times you’ll get a Brain Tree Mace worth 200k. I suggest not doing the quest if you have to pay more than 3000np.
BD Challenger?: Yes; Go here for more info.
Neopedia?: Yes; Click here to see it
Avatar?: Nope – not yet! ^^;


What he wants?: He mostly wants spooky food items.
What you get?: If you’re doing a brain tree quest first time you feed him you will get the date of when a famous neopian died, and the second where the neopian died. If you’re not on a Brain Tree Quest you’ll get a random, most likely spooky, item.
Is it Worth it?: The price of spooky items has greatly inflated so it’s hard to get a good quest. Don’t complete a quest with items more expensive than 2000np together since the items aren’talways the best items.
BD Challenger?: Yes; Go here for more info.
Neopedia?: Nope; Sorry!
Avatar?: Nope – not yet! ^^;

Edna’s Quests
What she wants?: Random cheap items.
What you get?: Usually a spooky item and a few hundred neopoints. Sometimes an avatar.
Is it Worth it?: The price of several spooky items has inflated so I say go for it if it’s under 2000 neopoints. The Neopoint payout isn’t much but sometimes you can get a pig snout, which an avatar item you can feed to your pet. Those items are very expensive.
BD Challenger?: Yes; Go here for more info.
Neopedia?: Yes; Click here to see the article
How Do you Get it?
Awarded randomly through Edna’s Quest.


Kitchen Quests
What he wants?: Random food items, these tend to be expensive however..
What you get?: Stat upgrades, aquatic food, petpets, and battledome items.
Is it Worth it?: If the price is under 5,000 neopoints – I say do it because if you’re training your pet, these are very useful and are sometimes cheaper than codestones or dubloons. You can also get rare items in exchange.
BD Challenger?: Nope; Sorry.
Neopedia?: Nope; Sorry.
Avatar?: Nope; Sorry!


Snow Faerie Quests
What he wants?: Usually candy or food items.
What you get?: There’s a wide variety of possibilities, ranging from cheap snowballs to rare items. You also get a couple of thousand neopoints reward.
Is it Worth it?: If she’s asking for under 3,000 neopoints, go for it. You might get a great reward..
BD Challenger?: Yes; Go here for more info.
Neopedia?: Yes (2); Click here for article on Taeliaand Click here for article on snow faerie
How Do you Get it?
Complete one of the Snow Faerie’s Quests.


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