Guide to the Old Battledome

Guide to the Old Battledome

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In-Depth Battledome Guide

Level – Your pet’s level doesn’t affect your battling. However, if you train at the Training School or Swashbuckling Academy, you cannot train strength, defence, or movement if those stats are double your level. If your endurance (HP) is three times your level, you cannot train that, either. Species-specific abilities will become available as your level increases. At level 50, a new ability, ‘Berserk’, is unlocked (for all pets).
Strength – This stat affects your battling. The higher your strength is, the more damage you will deal. However, your damage will only increase every so many strength points; these are called ‘strength boosts’. Here is a chart showing the strength points and the damage increase:



Strength Boost Damage Increase
700 +

Thank you to garet_jaxx’s website for this informationFor example, a pet with 130 strength will do the same amount of damage as a pet with 170 strength.


Defence – This stat also affects your battling. Defence also uses boosts, called ‘defence boosts’. The defence boosts are the same as the strength boosts; so, a pet with 210 defence will defend the same amount of icons as a pet with 240 defence. However, you will only defend if your weapon/ability is defending an icon the opponent uses.
Endurance (HP) – Endurance is also known as Hit Points, or HP. Simply, the higher your HP is, the higher your chance is of surviving an attack from your opponent. When your HP reaches 0 during battle, you lose the battle. You can heal your HP by using a potion, visiting the Healing Springs, and getting a random event, among other ways.


Movement (Agility) – This stat used to do nothing in the Battledome until now. If you have 200+ agility, you can use a weapon called the “Heavy Robe of Thievery”. Otherwise, this stat is completely useless.
Intelligence – This stat also used to be useless in the Battledome. If you have 100+ intelligence, you can use the Heavy Robe of Thievery. Otherwise, this stat is completely useless.


» Icons

An important element of the Battledome are the icons. Icons are the things that determine how much damage you will do.

There are seven icon types: fire, water, earth, light, physical, dark, and air. Some icons are more common than others.



Icon Type Icon Appearance Icon Appearance (defending)



» Training
There are quite a few ways to train your pet. Two of the most popular ways are using the Training School and the Swashbuckling Academy. The Training School is located on Mystery Island, is run by the Techo Master, and accepts codestones for payment. The Swashbuckling Academy is located on Krawk Island, is run by Cap’n Threelegs, and accepts dubloons for payment.

Once a pet reaches level 250, they may no longer train at the Training School. Here are the course types at the Training School:



Course Type Neopet Level Cost Length
Grasshopper 20 and Under 1 codestone 2 hours
Basic 21-40 2 codestones 3 hours
Intermediate 41-80 3 codestones 4 hours
Adept 81-100 4 codestones 6 hours
Advanced 101-120 5 codestones 8 hours
Expert 121-150 6 codestones 12 hours
Master 151-200 7 codestones 18 hours
Grand Master 201-250 8 codestones 24 hours

Once a pet reaches level 40, they may no longer train at the Swashbuckling Academy. Here are the course types at the Swashbuckling Academy:



Course Type Neopet Level Cost Length
Sea Urchin 10 and under 1 Dubloon 4 hours
Deckhand 11-20 2 Dubloons 6 hours
Pirate 21-30 5 Dubloons 8 hours
Cap’n 31-40 5 Dubloons 10 hours

Another popular way to train is using the Lab Ray. Using the Lab Ray is risky, however. Your pet’s strength, defence, movement, and level can increase or decrease, and your pet’s endurance can increase. Also, your pet’s colour, species, and gender can change. To use the Lab Ray, you need to have collected all 9 pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map.

The Kitchen Quest on Mystery Island is another way of training. Just gather the items the Chef wants, and you can get a reward. The reward is not always stats, however. You can get items or Neopoints as well. Note that the Chef may increase the stats of another one of your pets.

Faerie Quests are another good way of training. Completing a Fire, Water, Light, Air, Dark, Space, or Faerie Queen quest can increase your stats. Earth Faerie Quests will simply bloat your pet and make them heavier. Fountain Faerie Quests allow you access to the Rainbow Fountain. Like the Kitchen Quests, the Faerie may increase the stats of another one of your pets.

Feeding your pet a Negg may increase its stats. Not all Neggs increase stats, so make sure to check what a Negg does before feeding it your pet. Note that Neggs are very expensive, but if you aren’t patient enough, using Neggs is your best method of training.

Coltzan’s Shrine may also increase the stats of your pet. If you are lucky, Coltzan will increase the stats of your active pet. Note that you may not always recieve stats: you may get an item, Neopoints, or have nothing happen to you.

Finally, your pet’s stats can increase through a Random Event you may come across on the site.



» Faerie Abilities
Pets can learn new abilities called Faerie Abilities. There are six types of Faerie abilities: Fire, Water, Light, Earth, Air, and Dark. Each type has good abilities.

To learn Faerie abilities, you must buy a Bottled Faerie (for example: Bottled Air Faerie). One Bottled Faerie gtants you one Faerie ability of that type.

However, just because you release a Bottled Faerie doesn’t mean you’ll get the next Faerie ability. For some Faerie abilities, you need to be a certain level.

Click here to see a list of Faerie Abilities and what level you need to be to obtain it.

By blessing a Shoyru with a Bottled Faerie, you recieve an avatar.



» Defenders of Neopia
A Battledome-related game called Defenders of Neopia exists, where you must defeat a certain enemy to get a reward. This game is placed out in “stages”. After you defeat one enemy, you proceed to the next enemy. Each enemy is more difficult that the last. Each Defenders of Neopia (DoN) mission starts with a comic that shows what the situation is. For example, in the first mission, you must reclaim Ginny’s bike from the Pant Devil.

In the first mission, you must defeat the Pant Devil once in the Battledome. Once you have done so, you complete the mission, recieve a reward, and proceed to the next mission. Please note that even though you may defeat a certain enemy, it doesn’t mean that you complete the mission for that enemy. You must complete missions in order; for example, you can’t complete the mission for The Drenched until you complete the one for the Slug Monster.

Click here to see a list of DoN challengers.


» Reccomended Weapons

NNoN has a couple of guides on what weapons you should use.

Click here for one and here for another.

Here are some highly recommended weapons; efficient and cheap. These are only for newer battlers — more recommendations will be added soon.

Scarab Ring
Mud Mixture
Caustic Potion

I know this list is very small, but I assure you, more will be added later. In other words, this section is incomplete.



» Healing
There a few ways to heal your pet’s HP. The most popular way (which is also free) is the Healing Springs.

Run by a Water Faerie, the Healing Springs is free for you to use every half an hour. There are many different results that can occur. Here is a list.


  • Some of the HP of your pet(s) is restored.
  • Your pet(s) are completed healed (HP fully restored and any diseases cured)
  • Your pet(s) become less hungry.
  • The Healing Springs Faerie gives you a Snowball or Healing Potion.

Another way to heal your pet is by using a Healing Potion. Here is a list of Healing Potions:



Healing Potion I
Heals 1 HP
Healing Potion II
Heals 2 HP
Healing Potion III
Heals 3 HP
Healing Potion IV
Heals 5 HP
Healing Potion V
Heals 8 HP
Healing Potion VI
Heals 10 HP
Healing Potion VII
Heals 12 HP
Healing Potion VIII
Heals 15 HP
Healing Potion IX
Heals 20 HP
Healing Potion X
Heals 25 HP
Healing Potion XI
Heals 35 HP
Healing Potion XII
Heals 45 HP
Healing Potion XIII
Heals 50 HP
Healing Potion XIV
Heals 60 HP
Healing Potion XV
Heals 70 HP
Healing Potion XVI
Heals 80 HP
Healing Potion XVII
Heals 90 HP
Healing Potion XVIII
Heals 100 HP
Healing Potion XIX
Heals 150 HP
Dewberry Reviver
Heals 175 HP
Bubbling Healing Goo
Heals 200 HP
Super Strength Healing Potion
Heals 225 HP
Essence of Everlasting Apple
Heals 250 HP

Other various items and random events can heal your Neopet. One example is the Ghost Lupe Random Event, where the Ghost Lupe heals your Neopets to full health. There are many options, so browse the site and you just might find some!



» Battle Interface
Here is a little guide to what the Battledome interface looks like.
A – Picture of your pet
B – Picture of your opponent
C – Name of your pet and your opponent
D – HP of your pet and your opponent
E – Power levels of your pet and your opponent
F – Battle status (shows damage done, weapons used, icons dealt, abilities used, etc.)
G – Ability selection (select an ability to use and the ability power level)
H – Message (type a message to your opponent)



» Arenas
There are 8 different Arenas in the Battledome. They don’t really have a purpose except in 2-Player battles. If you are in a 2-Player battle, your opponent or yourself might choose an arena different from the default one, the “Battledome” arena. To change your arena, just click the arena icon.


If you want to change your Battledome Arena right now without having to go to Neopets, just click the icon!


Battledome Stone Battledome Ice Arena Island Arena Space Arena Water Arena Tyrannian Arena


» Battledome Pages

  • Status – The Status page is the page to visit if you are in a one-player fight, and you want to quit the battle. From the Status page, you can also view the stats of your pets. If you have a pending 2 player battle, you can accept or reject it from this page, change the time of the battle, or change your message to your opponent.
  • Equipment – On the Equipment page you can view the weapons equipped to your pets. From here you can also unequip weapons. I’m not too sure what the Rarity Index has to do with anything at the moment, or why it is even there.
  • 1 player – On this page you can start 1-player battles. To start a battle, simply choose the pet you want to battle with. Then select the opponent you want to battle. If the pet you want to battle with is sick, hungry, or has 0 HP, they cannot enter a battle.
  • Target Pets – We’re not going to go in-depth on this page, as it is rarely used. Basically, you can view the stats of other pets that you may want to battle.
  • Quickfight – From this page you can place your pet in a QuickFight. QuickFight lets you put your pet “up for grabs” for a 2-player battle. You can specify the stats you want your opponent to have, and you’ll be matched up with an opponent.
  • Challenge a Pet – From this page you can challenge a specific pet, specify a time limit for your opponent to respond, and enter a message to send to your opponent. To accept a 2-Player battle, you must go to the Status page.
  • 1 player Challenges -NNoN has a great guide to finding the locations of the 1-Player Challengers. You need to find the challengers before you can fight them, so read our guide to find out how to get the challengers.

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