How to Create a Grundo Neopet

How to Create a Grundo Neopet

Adopt a Grundo

Want to learn about Adopting a Grundo at the Space Station? Well – You’ve come to the right place!

When looking at the create-a-pet section you will notice that grundos are a restricted pet and that you cannot recieve them there. However – there is a unique way in creating grundos, and what is the best about creating them is you can create them in purple, white, and brown. These three colors for other pets, are normally only available by paintbrush. Neat huh?


In the space station, click on the “adopt a grundo” button to adopt a grundo. Grundos are the “adorable” pets that were involved in Dr. Sloth’s evil plots. They were supposed to be in the return of Dr. Sloth plot as well but that never got off the ground. They originate in the moon, Kreludor.Once you get to the initial screen, you should click the button that says “enter agency.” Remember – you must have less than 4 pets! Then select a name, color, and gender. In addition to the normal colors, it can also be white, brown, or purple. Don’t get confused by the crazy color names that TNT has put in. You have to remember that some crazy programmer was the one that created this. Solar red is the same thing as red. Galactic green is the same as green. Stellar blue is the same as normal blue. Basically, take each color name and take out the first word and then you will know which color it will paint the grundo. It would seem as if someone was advertising for you to pick each color by giving it a catchy name.

Next, click the “Adopt One!” button and change your grundo’s name until it accepts it. You now have a grundo.

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