How to Get a Draik Neopet

How to Get a Draik Neopet

Draiks are one of those limited edition pets that you can never create when you want another pet. So how do you you get them? There are a few ways to get a Draik, at roughly around the same price.

The first way is to buy a Draik egg. You can buy one from the Auction House or Trading Post, but not the Shop wizard because of it’s unbuyable price range. If you want a painted Draik, it’s best not to buy an already painted Draik Egg, but to buy an uncolored one and paint it later. The uncolored eggs are the basic 4 colors: red, yellow, green and blue.


With your Draik egg, go to the Draik Nest and wait for your egg to hatch. It will only work if you have 3 pets or less because of Neopet’s 4 pets maximum rule.

Another way is to morph one of your existing pets into a Draik with a Draik Morphing Potion. You can buy these potions at the Auction House or at the Trading Post. The colored Draik Morphing Potions will obviously be more expensive than the uncolored ones, so be sure you want a certain color before venturing out and spending all your neopoints.

A less direct approach that takes a lot of time and patience is to use the Secret Laboratory Ray. It’s a lot cheaper but it takes a lot longer and chances of getting a Draik is very slim. You can also try refreshing constantly at the Adoption Agency in search for an abandoned Draik but that’s extremely hopful wishing ^^

Personally, I think Draiks aren’t the prettiest of Neopets, but there are people out there who would prefer them over all the others. If you’re one of these people, I hope this guide has helped =)

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