How to Get a Krawk Neopet

How to Get a Krawk Neopet

Krawks are limited edition pets, and they are never released on Krawk Day like some of the other pets are. So how do we get them? There’s the expensive but general way, then there’s the cheap but complicated way.

The General Way
Krawks are actually petpets that you can buy from the auctions, the trading post or the petpet shop on Krawk Island. They are actually quite expensive so you better be prepared with a sackful of neopoints before embarking on this journey.

Before you buy a krawk, make sure you have less than 4 neopets. This is because the Krawk will tranform into an actual pet, and since you’re only alowed 4, you won’t get the end Krawk neopet you want. Then attach the Krawk petpet to one of your existing neopets. Go to your pets’ status page and name your krawk. Bear in mind that you will have to name it something that doesn’t already exist as a pet name (ie. a name like ‘krawky’ will not work).


Once you have named your krawk petpet, go to the Fungus Cave where you will be given the option to feed your krawk petpet some special fungus. Upon eating it, the petpet will mutate to your very own Krawk neopet!

The Cheaper Way
If you don’t have a lot of neopoints to buy the krawk petpet to begin with, there is a cheaper way, albeit that it’s a lot more hassle that the process above. First, you need to buy the Krawk Transmogrification Potion. When you feed this to one of your neopets, it will turn into a mutant krawk. Then buy a normal oolored paintbrush, like red or blue, and paint your krawk a plain color (that’s if you don’t want a mutant Krawk). That should save a lot of neopoints and leave you with a nice rare Krawk neopet.

Alternative Ways
Obviously you can also buy a Krawk morphin potion, but those are rare and very expensive.


You can also cross your fingers and hope your pet gets zapped by the lab ray into a Krawk, but chances are very slim.

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