NC Archives Fortune Cookie

NC Archives Fortune Cookie

Looks like TNT is really trying to screw with NC-trading with the new addition of the “NC Archives Fortune Cookie”.

NC Archives Fortune Cookie

Buying the NC Archives Fortune Cookie, will allow the purchaser to spin the new NC Archives Wheel (sorry normal players, like with all new additions, this wheel can only be spun if you have neocash!) once, or twice if your lucky! You get granted access for three neopian days, so buying one of the fortune cookies for 225NC will give you the possibility of 3-6 spins in total!

NC Archives Wheel

Spinning the wheel, will grant you with a random NC item. Now the controversy here is, they are not awarding new items, however, as the name of the fortune cookie states, they are re-releasing old neocash items from previous NC events.

So what big items exactly get affected? Well testing is currently still taking place, but so far big items on the confirmed list include the Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon, Games Master Challenge NC Challenge 2010 Lulu Wig, Skelly, and more!

As it seems so far, they are only re-releasing previous event items, and that means items like the Spyder Staff, Neoquest Wand, and MMEs seem to be immune to this wheel, but only time will tell!

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