Neopets Advert Attack Guide

Neopets Advert Attack Guide

Advert Attack 

Basic Information:

Advert Attack
(click to play)
Advert Attack Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 1 points
For 1,000 NP, score 1000.
Avatar Neopedia Cheats
Score 700+
NNoN Avatars »
None None
First Place Second Place Third Place


Welcome to Advert Attack, one of the hated games that TNT has to offer. As you see, if you already played, this game is a very loyal portrait of the reality of some websites. It’s a very annoying game, non-rewarding, that is considered a vector of rabies (thanks to the highest rate of people kicking their computers and roaring after some hours of train).

“If this game is so bad”, you may ask, “why to play it?” The answer is simple, my special grasshoppers: we have an avatar! =D For only 700 points you can take home a nifty round avatar featuring the Ace Zafara! So let’s see the basic tips that will help (emphasis on help) to get a score near to the avatar one. .

You are the Ace Zafara, a Virtupets Astronaut. You are racing against another ship (that, conveniently, gets faster on later levels). You have to arrive before it by clicking the “Go” signs. Unfortunately Dr. Slot is using your race to get more neopoints, so he can buy more Frilly Skirts probably, Thanks to that your entire screen will be crowded with advert Pop-ups.

TThis is simple: you have to click the “Go” with your mouse left button. You must be fast. At a certain rate you’ll have to use that button to close and move pop-ups, in way to clear your way to the almighty Go. The game suffered a change that turned it much easier to play. Now, all the windows are relatively the same size, the “close” buttons are all the same size (no evil kyrii pop-up anymore, nor covering-screen-aisha pop-up…) and you can also see the background behind the window when you click it. It will fade and show you what’s behind.

You get 50 points per level plus a Time Bonus. The faster you finish your level the bigger will be your bonus.

You’ll lose if your 50 seconds finish before you cross the line or if your opponent crosses it before you.


  • It takes 30 “Go” buttons to cross the line. Counting them helps to hit faster and, therefore, to get a bigger bonus.
  • Only close popups that are on your way or that will certainly mess with your score if you leave them there. Don’t even bother if they are only covering the ships.
  • Moving popups: Only move them if the close button is not visible. Be aware that some of them stick to your arrow and that you must click twice to release them.
  • Choose a small window size, low quality, and place it on the top of your screen. Behind it don’t have any other open window because if you click outside it will be harder to recover the game window.
  • It is *required* that you have a good mouse. A very good mouse. Rollerball ones are not recommended, but if you have it just clean it (with alcohol and a piece of cotton).
  • Closing the Kyrii pop-ups: the most annoying things ever, immediately followed by Money Tree and Battledome Pop-ups. Wait to close them till they are in your way (completely covering the “Go”). To close it hit the microscopic X button. It’s easier (but takes a bit longer) to move the window a bit to the left.
  • Use the Cheat Code: As soon as the window with Sloth and his graphic appear type “nopopup”. Save your “s” when, having already an high score (as 500) your screen is desperately crowded with giant popups (like above).

With this in mind… Train. Train a lot and eventually you’ll be able to get the avatar. You also need to be lucky enough to get small pop-ups on later levels, so you’ll have to play a lot before you get a nice score. Anything around 600 will certainly get you a trophy. Good luck!

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