Neopets Altador Cup IX 2014 is almost here! Are you ready?

Another year. Another Altador Cup! 2014 marks the ninth anniversary of this long Neopets tradition! The Altador Cup is a site-wide event in which players can choose a team to represent, and the overall success of the teams depend on the individual team members contributions!

Neopets Altador Cup IX

The Altador Cup IX should be in full effect in around ten days, you can keep a close eye on the Neopets Colosseum where the altador cup takes place here.

I’ll be representing Faerieland this year as I always have, which team will you be representing?

Altador Cup News

Faerieland Frustration Fuels Speculation
Having played in eight Altador Cups and never finished better than 15th, frustration seems to have gotten the best of at least one member of Team Faerieland. “We’ve been told not to discuss this publicly,” an anonymous team member confided, “but someone on the club has, over time, become convinced that the Altador Cup Committee has a grudge against us. At first it was a few sly remarks, but now they constantly rant about it. What’s worse is that the other players are starting to believe it, too…”

Moltara Poised For A Rebound?
Entering last year’s Altador Cup tourney, there was genuine cause for optimism among the Moltara faithful: their squad had placed 15th — its best showing yet — and they’d worked out a deal to bring in Tyrannian netminder Harlis Neyhbol. Their hopes were dashed, however, as Team Moltara tumbled back into 18th place for Altador Cup VIII. Perhaps they could ask Dr Landelbrot for advice about managing the chaos that is their team’s play?

Hagan: Keep Calm And Play On
Despite years of vicious ribbing from his brother King Skarl, King Hagan has managed not to lose his cool over Team Brightvale’s poor tourney play. “Sure, it’s disappointing that the club has yet to make a serious challenge for the Cup,” Hagan said recently, “but it’s not for lack of trying, or resources. As long as we’re steadfast in our approach that emphasises information over emotions, then I’m sure that our day will come soon enough.”

Meridell Content To Stand Pat
After a couple of top five finishes, Meridell slipped to 6th in last year’s tourney. Team Meridell’s not panicking, though. “A lot of times, teams overreact in an attempt to reach that next level,” defender Ilsa Ellits explained. “They make risky moves for short term gain that not only fail to put them over the top, but also do long term harm. That’s not going to be us — we’ve got the right scheme and personnel. All we need to do is maintain our focus and keep working to improve our execution. We’ll get there.”

Roo Island: Nothing’s Bugging Us
After a disappointing 14th place finish the previous year, Team Roo Island roared back into contention at Altador Cup VIII, finishing 3rd overall. “I don’t want to make excuses,” team captain Lilo Blumario said, “but I’d be lying if I claimed that that business with the bug infestation had nothing to do with our preparation prior to Altador Cup VII. Our play last year showed what we were capable of, and barring any unforeseen issues, we expect to be in the hunt yet again.”

Mixed Emotions, But No Regrets
When asked about the success of Altador, her former team, Shenkuu defender Timu said, “I’ve got mixed emotions, really. I mean, for them to go from 17th to 2nd, that’s something special that any player would want to be a part of. On the other hand, I’ve got a great situation here in Shenkuu, and– oh, by the way, we showed some pretty impressive progress ourselves, jumping four places in the standings over the previous year. So, yeah… no regrets here.”