Neopets App for iOS and Android Announced!

Neopets has just announced the release of what seems to be a multi-platform neopets 2021 app for users! They did not specify that the app was just for iPhone users, rather they used the phrase “mobile app”, which hints that it will be multi-platform. Excluding the android market would be a  bad move on the Neopets team, as they still account for a big chunk of the mobile users.

Last month, TNT held a poll in which you could vote on the name of the application, which would hint at the fact that they have already complete the app, and are in the finishing stages of touching it up. I voted for the name, “Neopets Go!”.

neopets mobile lutari kacheek cell phone

This app has been long overdue! I have seen tons upon tons of tweets stating they would return to neopets if an app was released. Maybe TNT finally got the message and decided to do something about it. Let’s hope they just don’t mess it up like their previous releases.

neopets mobile cell phone scroll

If you wanted to see a sneak peek at what you can do on the app,  you can check it out here.

Is the Neopets App free? That’s the big question on everyone’s mind, however TNT has not said anything about this. However, knowing TNT (or should I say Viacom), you can be sure they will turn this into some money making scheme as well!

Features that has been announced so far:

  • Check On Your Neopets!
    • Similiar to the Quick Ref page on the official page. Check on your pet, feed it, revive the hp, etc.
  • Play Games & Earn NP!
    • Flash games on mobile are still a iffy thing, so I’m not sure how TNT will pull this off. The two games Meerca Chase II and Kass Basher were shown in the trailer.
  • Do Dailies & Earn Prizes!
    • I wonder if there will just be a list of dailies and we click on them
  • …and other things to do like:
    • Neoboards
    • Neomail
    • News
    • and more things that start with “N””