Neopets Attack of the Gummy Dice Guide

Neopets Attack of the Gummy Dice Guide

Attack of the Gummy Dice

Basic Information: 

Attack of the Gummy Dice
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Attack of the Gummy Dice

Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 1 points
For 1,000 NP, score 1000.
Action Arcade Classic
Avatar Neopedia Cheats
None None None
First Place Second Place Third Place


Attack of the Gummy Dice is a very recent game. It’s easy and, if we think well about it, kind of relaxing. It’s one of my favourites, in resume.
This game works like a tridimensional tetris. You have to gather 5 blocks of the same colour, which represent 5 die of the same kind.
The screen comes with some dice already on pre-defined places. When the level is loading I recommend you to pay attention to the layers of blocks, so you can predict where to put your next falling blocks.
To rotate the falling blocks you can use “a” and “s”. To drop them use your space bar. The dice will fall on the lowest spot possible for them. Meaning that, in some cases, some can fall on the “floor” and others over another layer of dice. Be aware that you must be fast on later levels, as blocks will start to pop up from the floor, destroying all your strategy.


To pass the level you need a certain amount of points. Level one starts with 40 points and 20 more are added per level (for example, level 2 requires 60 points and level 3 requires 80). 5 blocks worth 5 points.
There are also Bonus Points from when you make larger and more complex combinations.

Special Dance
Besides our normal dice, that come on various flavours, we also have special blocks with different effects. Be careful with them and use them wisely.


Stone Dice – They can’t be destroyed by the normal method. To eliminate them you’ll need a Bomb or a Rainbow.

Rainbow Dice – Will change all the blocks below it to its colour. Very useful to get rid of big columns together with the surrounding dice.

Bomb Dice – Destroys all the dice below it. Very useful to destroy big columns.

Colour Changing Dice – Their colour change every second. Be very careful about them, especially on later levels. I recommend that you let all the colours pass once, for you to learn their order, and press the space bar only when the desired colour appears.

Oliver Block – Our dear Phantom Orange Shirt Guy also appears here on a very rare block that deletes not only the place where it fell but all the columns on the surrounding.

When dropping them pay much attention to the shadow. The shadow will define the place where the blocks will fall.

Raising Your Score
First, have tons of spare time on your hands. This game does not have a pause button and you can’t take breaks on later levels. It is very easy to get a good score if you pay attention and focus.

I recommend you that you “don’t get too far from the ground”. I prefer to destroy dice from the bottom in way to, in the end, set up only one or two layers of dice. That way the probability of hitting the top with a column will decrease. Eliminate any column that is above 7 dice. (start to look at them when they get 6 dice)

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