Neopets Attack of the Slorgs Guide

Neopets Attack of the Slorgs Guide

Attack of the Slorgs

An enjoyable guide made by Lady, one of our wonderful NNoN staff!

Basic Information:

Attack of the Slorgs (click to play)
Game ratio:
100 NP per 100 pts scored

Score 1000+ on high score tables
Quick cheats:

  • marrow: Extra life.
  • chargex4:Recharges your laser


You play a yurble farmer with a slorgeriser. And you kill slorgs. Yay for you.

The controls are simple: left arrow to turn your shot left, right arrow to turn it right and space bar to shoot a slorg.

The slorgeriser works in a funny way: it keeps sending slorgs and it slorgerises them as soon as you match three of the same colour. Be aware that your shotgun is very “fluid” and that if you press the arrows a lot it will turn very fast.

Slorg Paths

Before each level it is shown a very quick shade of slorgs. This will indicate the path they will crawl until they find the vegetables.

Bonus Slorgs

These slorgs are special: they will make weird things happen to your game.

  • Slorg Block – Comes in blue. Forms a rock that will block the way of the slorgs that come behind. Avoid it.
  • Multi Slorg – Comes in read and create around 10 slorgs. Can be good or bad, but I’d avoid it.
  • Super Slorgeriser – A Dark Red slorg that will explode around 8 slorgs.
  • Slorg Destruct – This pink slorg will erase all the slorgs behind.
  • Slow Down – Comes in green and makes the slorgs “walk” slower
  • Puddle Water – Available in black and very rare… It turns every single slorg on the screen into the same colour!
  • Revenge of the slorgs – This is a random game event that will INVERT your controls. This means that you press left to go right and right to go left. It is possible to play like this but it is hard.


This is an easy avatar to get. First of all type “marrow”. This will give you an extra life. Keep shooting to the sides until you have a good colour. Aim well and you’ll erase a couple of slorgs. Other way to play is to shoot to the sides and only aim when getting a bonus slorg. When your laser starts disappearing (it’s essential to make a good aim, but it’s possible to play without it), type chargex4.

Try to hit the frog that sometimes will jump from the soil. It will give you a 25 point bonus.

Getting an Uber Score

To get a better score (the avatar score is considered miserable) you’ll need to use your multiplier bonuses. How do they work? They consist of destroying a ton of different colour slorgs in the same shot. Let’s see the different examples.

Double Combo
Shoot a blue slorg and the red slorgs will be destroyed too. Try to “create” this combo. If, for example, you have.Fire the green/red slorg to the opposite side, creating the situation

Multiple Double Combo
Shoot a blue slorg. Not only the red slorgs will be destroyed but also the green ones.

Clear Bonus
Gives 50 bonus points when you clear the screen of the slorgs.

Puddle Water Combo
Fire around three different colour slorgs into the middle of the line. This way you’ll double or triple your score with puddle water


If you’re playing this for the first time you may think the game is horrible and hard. I thought that. But after I got used to the commands and started to “catch” combos quickly I got the avatar score easily and fine. There are 18 levels that always follow the same pattern and if you train a little bit it is very easy to get the gold trophy on the reset night. So, good luck and happy slorgerization!

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