Neopets Battledome Guide: Your Pet

Neopets Battledome Guide: Your Pet


Your pet is arguably the most important part of the BD. From training your pet to become stronger to blessing your pet with the power of the faeries, your pet has a big impact on it’s fight in the battledome. A better pet will be able to deal more damage, defend themselves from more damage, and withstand more damage to dominate their opponent. Your quick ref page shows everything about your pets. Here’s an example of what you’ll see:

Species : Ixi
Colour : Snot
Gender : Male
Age : 458 days
Level : 10

Health : 17 / 26
Mood : content
Hunger : very full
Strength : GREAT (27)
Defence : armoured
Move : mach 1
Intelligence : average


These are often referred to as your pet’s stats. The stronger your pet is, the more damage it can do; the more defence it has, the better it can defend itself from attacks; when your health reaches 0, you lose the fight. To make these stats better, you have to train your pet.

At the bottom there is a link to you pet’s abilities. Each round of a BD fight, you must choose one of your pet’s abilities to use. Your pet has some default abilities that don’t appear here, but you can use them in the BD. The best abilities are called faerie abilities because you have to bless your pet with a bottled faerie to get them. These are the abilities that show up here. From your selection of faerie abilities, you can choose only 7 of them to be active at one time.

Before you go into a fight, make sure your pet is at full hit points (health). You can go to the healing springs every half hour for a free chance at healing your pet or you can use different healing potions to heal your pet. Your pet must also be fed (not hungry) in order to fight. You can get free food every day at the giant omelette and the giant jelly. Your pet must also be healthy (not sick). If your pet is sick, the healing springs is your best option to get your pet healed, but it might take a few tries.


Neopets Stats

Let’s go over your pet’s stats and what they do in the battledome. Some stats are very important, others, not so much. To make your stats better, you have to train them.

Hit Points

Your health is measured in hit points. When your hp runs out, you lose the fight. Simple as that. You will see hp not as one number, but two. It will look something like this: 17 / 26. That means that your pet has 17 hit points remaining out of a possible 26 total points. The first number, your hp remaining, changes a lot. It’s the number that changes during a fight or when you get blasted by the snowager. Just make sure you heal back up to your maximum hp, the second number, before you begin a fight. Your maximum hp doesn’t change much. It doesn’t go down when you’re in a battle and must be trained to go up. In most cases, when people talk about hp, they mean your max hp unless they say otherwise.

Strength and Defence

Strength and defence both work the same way. The more strength you have, the more damage you’ll do. The more defence you have, the more you’ll be able to defend. However, instead of increasing gradually like you would expect, the ammount of damage you can deal or defend increases in what are commonly called boosts.

  • Boost – Multiplier
  • 0 – 0.5
  • 8 – 0.75
  • 13 – 1.0
  • 20 – 1.25
  • 35 – 1.5
  • 55 – 2.0
  • 85 – 2.5
  • 125 – 3.0
  • 200 – 4.5
  • 250 – 5.5
  • 300 – 6.5
  • 350 – 7.5
  • 400 – 8.5
  • 450 – 9.75
  • 500 – 11.0
  • 550 – 12.0
  • 600 – 13.0
  • 650 – 14.0
  • 700 – 15.0

Strength boosts are very important in the battledome. The ammount of damage you can do is directly dependent upon you strength boost. The amount of damage does not increase smoothly. Instead, it increases in the steps called boosts in the list to the left. A pet will do the same amount of damage at 125 strength as they will with 199 strength. As soon as that pet had 200 strength, it will do more damage. Any pet with strength between 125 and 199 is said to have the 125 strength boost.

To find out the amount of damage you will do (measured in hp), take the number of icons your weapons do times the multiplier for your strength boost. This will give you your base damage.

  • 6 icons x 125 str (3.0) = 18 hp base damage
  • 6 icons x 199 str (3.0) = 18 hp base damage
  • 6 icons x 200 str (4.5) = 27 hp base damage

These boosts also work the same way for defence. Take the Leaf Shield as an example. It defends 5 icons of earth. What that means is that is someone does 20 damage of earth to you and you use the Leaf Shield and you have the 85 defence boost (2.5), you will block 12.5 damage (5 x 2.5).


Unlike the other stats, your level has no direct effect on a battle. Instead, it limits other aspects of your pet. For example, you can only train your pet’s strength up to twice you level in the training schools. Then, to keep training, you have to increase you level. In the case of faerie abilities, your pet has to be a certain level or the faeries don’t bless your pet.

Movement and Intelligence

Movement and intelligence have a very limited impact ont he BD. Until recently, they did absolutely nothing! However, since the introduction of Brightvale, some new weapons have emerged that have different movement and intelligence requirements for some of their effects. So far, none of them have really been amazing, but who knows what could come of them in the future.


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