Neopets Beginners Guide

Neopets Beginners Guide

Starting off on Neopets

If this is the very first time you’ve ever created an account with Neopets, then this section is for you! You very first steps as a newbie will have an influence on your neopets life so make sure you do things right! This guide shows you what you can accomplish (all in just one day) so that you can start off with a great jump.

Creating a Pet
The minute you create account and activate it, you should make a pet. If you don’t have a pet on your account, you cannot have an inventory, and therefore there is no point to your account. You can also adopt a pet if you don’t want to make one, but that is not advised because you don’t have sufficient neopoints to adopt a pet yet (and the choices aren’t that great either).

When you create your pet, go through all the options before you make a choice. The last thing you want to do is to get landed with a pet you don’t like and have to abandon it – that’s just cruel. If you don’t like the color you have chosen for your pet, no worries, you can change it with the paintbrushes from your newbie pack that you can get when you first visit your inventory.

Your pet’s name is crucial in showing what kind of a person you are. Don’t use the random name generator because all the names have been used and you’ll end up with a string of numbers and 2 letters for your pet’s name, and that’s not exactly the coolest image you can achieve. Once you’ve created your pet, go to Shops and click on Your Items (first button on the image map) and collect your newbie pack.

Newbie Pack
Collect it, save it, do not sell it. Not that you can anyway, since the paintbrushes cannot be sold or traded, but the other items are pretty much worthless and there’s not much point in getting a few measly neopoints for something you might want to use later. Put it into your Safety Deposit Box and you’ll never know when you might need it.

Create a Shop
It’s important to have a shop because it’s the fastest way of getting rid of items you don’t want for some neopoints that you do want. The starting fee is high and the upgrading fees are even higher, but it’s always good to start somewhere. Leave the upgrading for when you have more neopoints and then you can decide on whether you want a big shop or keep it small.

Start a Bank Account
The bank is the safest place to store your neopoints. If kept your neopoints by your side all the time, it could get stolen by Ghosts or by the Bug Brothers (random events as you go around Neopets), or there could be a glitch and all your neopoints could get wiped out. The annoying thing is that there’s no way to get it back if you did lose all of it.

That’s why starting a bank account is so important. Just fill out your form (don’t leave your real information in there because the form is only for show) and voila! Instant safety for your earnings. The awesome part is that if you deposit money straightaway, you can get daily interest from the bank for as long as your bank account is alive. The higher your account type, the more interest you get, so make sure you change it whenever your neopoints qualify.

Playing Games
Games are the easiest way to gain neopoints. It doesn’t cost anything (with the exception of some luck games) and it can be real fast if you have a natural talent for the game. At least play 5 games that seems interesting to you before taking a break so you can see how the system works. Playing the Featured Game will give you double neopoints so always give it a try when it looks like a game you’d be interested in.

Using Graphics
Most newbies don’t have a good grasp for graphics, so using premade graphics are a common thing. It’s nothing to be ashamed about, half of this site is dedicated to providing premade graphics that could spice up your page. Some sites offer custom graphics, but their credit will still be on there. Unless you’re a real wiz with graphics, I suggest you start with premades.

The last thing you want to do is to get in trouble on your first week. When using graphics, you MUST keep the credit. Removing the credit is STEALING and will result in your account being frozen and your IP being banned from every good graphics site around. Be a good Neopian and give credit where credit is due.

Joining a Guild
Don’t join a guild just so you can take their newbie pack and leave. That’s rude and it’s also called stealing. Newbie packs offered by guilds are for members who intend to stay. If you like the look of a guild, join it and look around – don’t ask for a newbie pack straight away. If you feel like this is the guild for you, then stay, introduce yourself, and do whatever it is that newbies can do in that guild. If you don’t like the guild, just leave, nobody will blame you.
That’s pretty much the basics of being a newbie. Check out the other pages in this section or you can try your luck with our more complicated guides and see what you can brew up. I hope this guide has helped and I wish you the best for your journey in Neopia!

Neopets Dailies

All over Neopia, there are places where you can get Neopoints, items and feed your pets for free. Below is a list of places where you should visit frequently, if not every day.

Everyday rounds

  • Bank Interest – You must have money in your bank account to get this
  • Coltzan’s Shrine – You can do this every 12 hours
  • Deserted Tomb – You can do this once a day
  • Fruit Machine – You can do this once a day
  • Giant Jelly – You receive a 2-meal jelly
  • Giant Omelette – You receive a 3-meal omelette
  • Healing Springs – You can heal your pets every 30 minutes
  • Lunar Temple – Guess the shadow of the moon to win a prize
  • Meteor Crash Site – Poke the meteor to see what prizes you can get
  • Secret Lab Ray – You can only do this if you have all 9 pieces of the Petpet Laboratory Map
  • Petpet Lab Ray – You can only do this if you have all 9 pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map and have access to the normal Laboratory Ray.
  • Slorg Payout – Receive either 50 or 100nps
  • Soup Kitchen – Must have below 3000nps
  • Symol Hole – Must have a petpet
  • Tombola – Your account must be at least 24 hours old
  • Underwater Fishing – You can fish every 3-4 hours

Once a month

  • Advent Calendar – Works everyday in the month of December
  • Neopets Freebies – Get Neopoints and food every month

Fast computers

  • Money Tree – Items donated by neopians
  • Rubbish Dump – Contains random rubbish items

Neopoints Required

  • Bagatelle – 250np per play
  • Buried Treasure – 300np per guess
  • Coconut Shy – 100np per hit
  • Cork Gun Gallery – 100np per play. Could take a while to load.
  • Neopian Lottery – Runs at 4am NST everyday and costs 100np to participate
  • Text Your Strength – 100np per hit and you can play every 6 hours
  • Wishing Well – Make any amount of donation and wish for an item
  • Wheel of Excitement – 150np per spin and you can play every 2 hours
  • Wheel of Knowledge – 500np per spin and you can play every 24 hours
  • Wheel of Mediocrity – 50np per spin and you can play every 40 minutes
  • Wheel of Misfortune – 100np per spin and you can play every 2 hours
  • Wheel of Monotony – 100np per spin and you can play every 24 hours. The wheel can take from 30 minutes to several hours to stop.

Staying Safe on Neopets

There are some evil people out there with nothing better to do in their tedious lives than to prey on the unsuspecting newbies. This guide helps you differentiate between the neofriends and the neoscammers. Below are some sections on ways you could get scammed, or ways you could get your account frozen – please read carefully or suffer the consequences.

Password scams
Neopets would never ask you for your password – they know it already. People contacting you pretending to be staff and asking for your password is definitely a scammer and will take everything in your account before discarding it. You can always tell when it’s one of the real staff neomailing you because of their avatar (the TNT exploding one that users can never get).

Getting rich scams
A lot of people have been scammed by others who insist that they have a “secret way of getting rich fast”. That is a complete lie. There is no such thing as getting rich really fast – it takes hard work to earn neopoints. Scammers with these ploys will often ask you to visit a website where you submit your information (including your password) and then take your account and everything you have inside. Or they will ask you to give them a certain amount of neopoints before reavling the “secret”, and then take your neopoints and run off to their main account – leaving behind only an account that they don’t need and wouldn’t care if it was frozen.

Spamming (short pointless annoying messages) might not sound like a very serious offense, but trust me, it is. It’s not only annoying but it can also screw up neopets, putting lots of bugs that could result in you losing your neopoints, items or even your pets. Here is an example of spamming that could occur on the trading post or neoboards.


This will get you roped in and spamming along with the original culprit, and when it comes to someone responsible reporting the spamming, your name would be on that list of participants. This is a very important warning: if you spam, you will get reported.

Being “Penpals”
The last thing you want to have is a stalker outside your house because you decided to give away your real life details. Only give out your details if you are absolutely certain that the person you are associating with is not an axe murderer. Get to know the person a little better before revealing your contact details. If someone is pressuring you to give away your address or phone number, just block them – they are not the type you would want to talk to. People wanting to be your penpals should be someone you have gotten to know quite well. If you want to keep in touch with someone outside of neopets, give them an email address before you give them a real address.

Raffle Contests
If you ever come across a raffle contest in someone’s shop, don’t participate. You will end up having to spend more than 1000nps for a prize that you will never get. Chances are, the person hosting that contest is just scamming you to get all your neopoints, whilst promising a paintbrush that they don’t have, let alone give to you. It’s also against neopets rules to host a contest anyway so it’s best not to participate and get scammed along with getting in trouble with Neopets for encouraging something against the rules.

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