Neopets Bouncy Supreme Guide

Neopets Bouncy Supreme Guide

Bouncy Supreme 

Basic Information:

Bouncy Supreme
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Bouncy Supreme Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 1.08 points
For 1,000 NP, score 926.
Avatar Neopedia Cheats
None None None
First Place Second Place Third Place



Bouncy Supreme is one of my favourite games that doesn’t exist because it is an easy way to earn 3,000nps every day. If this game did exist then you would probably find lots of guides for it like the one below, which, like the game, doesn’t exist.


IntroductionYou play a jelly blumaroo, desperate to make his way home, out of this non-existent place. To do so, he must jump from pillar to pillar over volcanic jelly which is kind of painful to land in. Every time he misses a jump, he loses a life. You start with three lives and when it gets down to zero, you lose. Another factor that you have to contend with, is the timer at the top of your screen. When this timer reaches zero, you will automatically lose, regardless of how many lives you had remaining.


Game View

  1. These are the timers. The time remaining is obvious, and the radar shows you physically how far away you are.
  2. These are the coins. The more of these you collect on your jump, the more points you get. The Gold ones are worth more than the Silver but they alternate every jump.
  3. This is your power/angle bar. You change the angle by moving it left and right and change the power my moving it up and down with the mouse.
  4. This you, a jelly Blumaroo.
  5. These numbers show the angle and the power, I find it is best just to ignore them and look at the power bar.



To jump, you have to angle the white line to the right angle you think will allow the Blumaroo to cross to the next pillar and move the white dot either forwards or backwards, until you think it has enough power. There are three main types of jumps that you will encounter, low to high, high to low and same to same. They are pretty much self explanatory.

This is an example of a low to high jump. As you can see, you need to aim quite high and have a reasonable amount of angle to make it up. With this current angle however, I am likely to go flying over. I made the jump by reducing to around 75% power and 30% angle.

This is an example of a same to same jump which basically means that there is no height gained or lost. These are the easiest jumps as you can simply put your mouse by the first coin and you are almost guaranteed to make it across.

This is an example of a high to low jump. I find these the hardest to do as you are far more likely to overshoot the platform. It is hard to explain how to do these jumps, I think it is just a knack that you get after practicing.


As always, I have included some of my top tips to get some top scores.

  • Tip #1: When playing, you really need to concentrate. That means no sound! When you first start, turn you’re sound off and it’ll make you do much better.
  • Tip #2: Try not to look at the bottom of your screen where it tells you the power and the angle, just use your common sense by looking at the white line and dot. Remember, you don’t have to me a maths genius to play.
  • Tip #3: Follow the coins! Usually just put your white line close to first or second coin.
  • Tip #4: When the games room was reshaped, the neopoint ratio changed. Now you need around 1500 points to score 1000 nps, so if you are only playing for the neopoints then you can end the game after 1500 points.

And most of all have fun playing this non-existent game!

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