Neopets Brain Tree Quests Guide

At the center of the heart of the Haunted Woods is something that is impossible to miss: a giant tree with a peach-colored human brain. This creature is referred to as The Brain Tree and has a long history in Neopia’s lore. He may look frightening, but The Brain Tree simply has an undying and passionate thirst for knowledge; but as a tree, he cannot walk himself to the nearby library to begin satisfying this. For this reason, The Brain Tree relies on Neopians to retrieve pieces of knowledge for him by going on Brain Tree Quests.


How They Work

Brain Tree Quests are different than other types of quests — like Edna’s Quests, Kitchen Quests, or Snow Faerie Quests — because you do not have to simply retrieve items and bring them back. Instead, The Brain Tree will ask you a question and it’s up to you to find the answer before your time limit runs out!

A quest will look like this:


As you can see in the example above, every question posed to you is about when and where a certain Neopian character died. To get the answer, you must complete two quests for the Esophager. For each quest you complete, the Esophager will reward you with an item as well as one half of the answer to the Brain Tree’s question. The Esophager can be found at the opposite end of the Haunted Woods.


Simply accept two quests from the Esophager, bring him the spooky or gross foods he requests, and you will receive both answers you need to please The Brain Tree:



Because the answer to The Brain Tree’s questions are randomized, you must do the Esophager’s quests to find the correct answers to The Brain Tree’s question. Once you have the answers, submit them to The Brain Tree and collect your prize!

NOTE: It is very important that when you complete a quest for the Esophager and you receive part of your answer that you copy it down exactly as the Esophager said it to you. How the answer is spelled, spacing, and characters are all part of the specific answer and need to be submitted to The Brain Tree just right so that you will receive your due reward! Based on the example above, 24 BN and Maraqua are the correct answers to the quest — not 24BN (with no space) or Mara (an abbreviation of Maraqua). Don’t say we didn’t warn you!


If you correctly answer The Brain Tree’s question, you will receive both neopoints and an item reward. Your neopoint reward can be as high as 5,000 NP.

Below are the item prizes you can receive:

Attack Fork
Baby Fireball
Bat Pack
Brain Tree Branch
Brain Tree Knife
Brain Tree Mace
Brain Tree Root
Brain Tree Splinters
Brains a la Tree
Feather Tickler
Garlic Shield
Lil Frankie
Lucky Robots Foot
Magic Branch
Mummy Baby
Pumpkin Shield
Silver Fernypoo Battlecard
Slime Potion
Staff of Brain
Walking Carpet
Web Claw

An additional prize is The Brain Tree as a Battledome opponent. This is a random event and could take many quests to achieve, so keep at it if you don’t get him the first time.

Brain Tree Quest Cheats

  • In order to save some neopoints while completing your Brain Tree quest, accept one Esophager quest before beginning a Brain Tree quest. If the Esophager is asking for an “expensive” item or two — generally 5,000 NP or above — wait until the time to complete his quest runs out. Then, accept a new Esophager quest. Is the item he is asking for cheap, or at least reasonable? If so, this is the time to accept the Brain Tree quest. It’s okay to accept the Brain Tree quest after the first Esoapher quest; the reward for the Esopaher quest will still contain the first half of the answer you will need for The Brain Tree. This way, you will at least be able to guarantee one of your two Esophager quests will be on the cheap side.
  • It is possible to win a trophy as well. Trophies for Brain Tree quests are determined by the amount of neopoints that you are awarded upon completing a quest. The higher amount of neopoints you receive, the more likely you are to receive a trophy! If you are interested in a trophy for completing these quests, we recommend doing your daily quest when the trophy tables reset on the first of every month.


  • Brain Tree Quests are a daily activity and reset every day at 00:00:00 NST. You can only do one quest per day!
  • Because both The Brain Tree and the Esophager quests reward neopoints and items for completing quests, these quests are not allowed to be completed on side accounts.