Neopets Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway Guide

Neopets Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway Guide

Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway

Basic Information: 

Bruno’s Backwoods Breakaway
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Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway

Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 0.33 points
For 1,000 NP, score 3031.
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Remember Bruno? Bruno was the absolutely gorgeous and handsome Neovian blue gelert that, due to some misunderstanding and lack of self-confidence turned into a mutated monster (but a monster with a kind heart!) during the Tale of Woe plot. As TNT never allowed him to come back to his pretty form they gave him a game instead!

For us he’ll be forever pretty inside! TT_TT *fangirl pitched scream*


This game has simple controls:

  • Left Arrow – Run left
  • Right Arrow – Run right
  • Up and Down arrow – Look up and down (this can come very useful on levels with jumping enemies)
  • Spacebar – Jump. It’s essential.
  • P – Pause



To score, and finish the level, you must catch potions. The number raises when you pass to an higher level (it’s supposed to make things harder). You must bring the potions back to the cave and they score on the following pattern:

  • First – 5 Points
  • Second – 10 Points
  • Third – 25 Points
  • Fourth – 50 Points
  • Fifth and more – 100 Points

To reach the maximum score per level you MUST bring all the potions at the same time to the cave. The maximum score per game is 5180 points. This is a tie trophy, so if you want to win it, play a few minutes before the reset and send right away.



The Screen
The levels are round, so you don’t need to bother about losing a potion. However, this can be tricky with the “jumping enemies” (see next section). When starting a level I recommend that you go slowly just to see how the level is and then run for the potions. There is no time limit, so don’t worry about taking too long when being careful.


There are two kinds of bad people that will try to catch Bruno and kill him.

Stone Throwers:
These run on the same platform and throw stones. You can jump over them. To avoid the stones I recommend changing platform or waiting that it falls on a far place. Be careful when jumping over them (this will require some train) as you may fall over the enemy.

The Jumpers:
These are very dangerous as they can jump between platforms as you do. I recommend that you look around to see if they’re anywhere (unless you want a mutated kacheek to fall over your head, which would be honestly painful) and if they are on your platform just run from it no matter what. They also have the secret ability of stone throwing.



Level 1
190 Points
Go right to the Green Potion (1/5). Fall to the lower platform, that has a wocky and go left to the Purple Potion (2/5). Go left (it has an ixi) and get the Red Potion (3/5) and Yellow Potion (4/5). Land on the small lower platform to get the Blue Potion (5/5).

Level 2
190 Points
This leve lis simple: go in a zig-zag (left, drop, right) while avoiding the enemies. There are five (5/5) potions.

Level 3
190 Points
Introduction of walls, trees and kacheeks.
Left, Green Potion (1/5). Go back to right, jump the wocky and then land on the top of the tree. Get Yellow Potion (2/5). Left, Purple Potion (3/5). Fall, go left, Red Potion (4/5), keep walking till you get the Blue Potion that was the other side of the wall (5/5).

Level 4
290 Points
Go right till you get a Pea Green Potion (colour start to repeat now, this is 1/6). Fall over tree, go left, get Blue Potion (2/6). You’ll be now able to see a wocky on the small platform below. Wait till it’s going right, fall and get the Green Potion (3/6). Go to left and get a Yellow Potion (5/6). Go to the left edge of the platform and fall to get the Purple Potion (6/6).

Level 5
290 Points
Introduction of techos.
Go left, be aware of the wocky, fall to the next platform, get the Pea Green Potion (1/5), go right, get Red Potion (2/5), jump to the next platform and get the Blue Potion (3/5). Fall on the left side of that platform, go right and get Yellow Potion (4/5). Go to right and collect Purple Potion (5/5)

Level 6
390 Points
Techo and Kacheek may fall over you. Beware of the short platform.
Go left, drop to get the Blue Potion (1/6) and Pea Green Potion (2/6). Go left, land on the tree, jump off the tree and get the Red Potion (3/6) and Yellow Potion (4/6). Go right and on the farthest platform fall from its left edge. You’ll land on a small platform with the Green Potion (5/6) and Purple Potion (6/6)

Level 7
490 Points
Go to right. Make sure the kacheek is not jumping, wait for the wocky to be away and jump the gap. Get Purple Potion (1/8) and Orange Potion (2/8). Fall on the platform below, go right, till you see the Red Potion (3/8), fall on the edge, get Blue Potion (4/8) on the left. Go right, get Pea Green Potion (5/8). Fall and get Red Potion 2 (6/8). Go left for the Green Potion (7/8) and Yellow Potion (8/8).

Level 8
590 points
Trick for the “impossible potion”
Take Bruno to the left side of the platform above the potion and fall to the right. Bruno will now be inside the wall. Fall two “bricks” in the wall and go to the right. Eventually you’ll fall on the platform.

Level 9
590 Points
On this level, trees are your friends.
Tricks: Hold right for the Red Potion, skip the Yellow Potion, remember to get all the Nine Potions before dropping them.

Level 10
690 Points
Here you’ll have to do a bery big jump, so make a long run. Be aware of the tunnel.

Level 11
690 points
Stay as close as possible to the walls. Be aware of the ixi on the last platform: jump to right when it’s near the corner.

Level 12
590 Points.
Be aware of the corridors, the low ceilings make jumping over enemies troublesome. If you find an enemy there, go all your way back.

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