Neopets Chemistry for Beginners Guide

Neopets Chemistry for Beginners Guide

Chemistry for Beginners! 

Basic Information: 

Chemistry for Beginners!

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Chemistry for Beginners!

NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 0.87 points
For 1,000 NP, score1150.


Avatar Neopedia Cheats
None None None
First Place Second Place Third Place



Chemistry is the scientific field that studies the relations between the different compounds found on nature. Happens that this crazy ixi scientist is studying the relationship between mysterious and dangerous (maybe from Virtupets, who knows) elements. It’s your job to help him not to blow away, by adding elements in way to form stable compounds! 


These are the elements you’ll be working with. During the rest of the guide they’ll be only referred as “colour”, to make it simpler to understand.

These are the possible combinations. Those inside the pink square are dangerous and if you do them by accident you’ll lose the game.


Start building big chains from the extremities, so the last element is the middle one. This will not only get you more points but also avoid the formation of unstable compounds. Clearing the board gives you a bonus score, so go for it whenever possible (read the next section for more). Make it your priority.



Levels 1 to 5 are very easy and very important to build up your score. Try to end them with 95 to 99 points. These levels make the difference between a trophy and a second place.

On this next section there will be a “walkthrough” to clear the board at least once. After that you’re by your own, so train and don’t have rush: this game can be played slowly.

First, this works with board coordinates, like those on the picture below. The capital initial of each colour is followed by the coordinate where you should put the element.

  • LEVEL 6: R3,6; G3,6; B2,1; R5,6; B1,1
  • LEVEL 7: G6,6; R3,3; G6,3; B4,4; R6,1; B3,4; G1,2; R1,1; R2,1; B2,6; G36
  • LEVEL 8: G6,5; B3,4; R6,2; B4,1; G3,3; B3,1; R5,2; B1,6
  • LEVEL 9: R3,4; G1,2; G1,4; B1,2; R2,3; R6,4; G1,3; B2,1; B1,6; G5,5; R5,1; G4,2
  • LEVEL 10: B2,3; G6,3; G4,3; R6,5; Y4,1; Y5,1; B3,5; G2,3; G4,6; B3,3; R3,6; Y2,2; G4,3; Y3,2
  • LEVEL 11: R3,3; G4,3; G1,3; B4,1; Y2,2; Y4,4; B5,3; G6,3; G3,3; B1,6; R2,4; Y3,4; G3,3; R6,2; R633; G6,4
  • LEVEL 12: G63, Y53, Y21, B14, B23, G32, G34, B16, Y14, Y35, G43, B36, Y45, B65, B63, RANDOM
  • LEVEL 13: R2,1; B5,2; G6,3; Y6,5; B4,2; G4,1; G3,4; R2,3; B2,5; R1,2; G3,6; B3,5; G1,3
  • LEVEL 14: R4,6; G1,4; R6,4; B1,1; P2,3; Y4,3; R6,6; G3,2; B2,3; G6,3; P1,6; B1,2; G5,2
  • LEVEL 15: R4,3; R5,1; B3,6; R6,3; P4,5; Y3,2; G5,2; R4,2; R1,5; R2,6; G2,2; B5,6; B4,6; R3,5; P1,1; P5,6; R1,4

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