Neopets Chia Bomber II Guide

Neopets Chia Bomber II Guide

Chia Bomber II

Basic Information

Chia Bomber II (click to play)
Game ratio:
125NP per 100pts scored

(To get, score 1300+)
No article
Quick cheats:
Type ‘geoffrey’ to gain an extra life.


IntroductionOnce upon a time there was Tyrannia and there were some nasty ugly chias that wanted to destroy Geoffrey’s house (that is a nasty ugly chia too, but ok). So, let’s kill (*-*) the nasty ugly mean chias with water bombs! Hurra! This is your objective: press the space in way to kill ugly nasty mean chias (from now known as enemies). Your commands are, as told, the space bar and the arrow keys. Pretty simple, huh?



Your weaponsYou have to kinds of weapons: water bombs and mines. The first are in infinite number and are activated by pressing the space bar. They’ll take a “colour” from your enemies until you’re able to destroy them with a single shot (for the colour explanation see the next topic). Be careful to aim exactly the enemy you want, because you won’t be able to shoot again before your water bomb touches something (that can be an enemy or a wall or a stone). Mines are activated by the “M” key. They’ll instantly disintegrate your enemy, but you only have five of them. And, sometimes, the game tries to be fair to the poor little bad chias and makes one of your mines vanish. This is a glitch and it’s very annoying. But mines are good, neat and shiny and they give you a bonus on the final score.


The ugly nasty mean chias,
Also known as enemies.They’re available in 5 collectable colours. You need:

  • 1 water shot to destroy the green chia.
  • 2 water shots to destroy the blue chia.
  • 3 water shots to destroy the yellow chia (these are especially annoying).
  • 4 water shots to destroy the red chia.
  • 5 water shots to destroy the black chia.

They’ll change colours till green when you hit them, so it’s easy to see how much shots you need before they come to you.They have the same weapons as you (but instead of water bombs they have mud or dirt or something brown bombs) Each of them has 5 mines, but they (luckily!) almost don’t use them. Don’t touch the red mines! Better don’t even get close to the red mines!

The mud shots are very upsetting, but your water bombs will destroy them if they’re on the way.

Each enemy gives you 10 points, no matter the colour! You must end all the 12 levels to be sure that you’ll get the avatar (because sometimes not even with the mines bonus you’ll be able to get the needed score).



StrategyThe easiest way to kill with safety is placing 3 mines around you like the image above and shoot from the corner (you’ll just need to change the direction, not to walk).

Bonus ScoresQuite simple: for each water balloon you used to kill you’ll get 3 points (number of balloons multiplied by 3) and for each mine you used to kill (*muahaha kill them!*) you’ll get 2 points (number of mines multiplied by 2). This added to your score can add at least 100 points to the score.



ConclusionSo this is it. This is not a very easy game. Probably you’ll get a score very close to the avatar score lots of times (and smash your head against the computer because of this lots of times) but with some train you’ll get there. Good luck and happy cleaning!


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