Neopets Dar-Blat Guide!

Neopets Dar-Blat Guide!


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NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 2 points
For 1,000 NP, score 500.


Action For Kids
Avatar Neopedia Cheats
None None None
First Place Second Place Third Place



Dar-Blat is probably one of the most simplest, yet most frustrating games in the history of neopia. It’s a test of reflexes and luck; if you have neither, then maybe this won’t be your best game. It is pretty much the same game play as Splat-A-Sloth with different characters, a different weapon, and a different game setting.

The concept of the game is incredibly simple. A darblat is sliding down a slope very quickly, and your job is to use a canon to splat that darblat as it goes by. It’s easier said than done considering you have but milliseconds to do this. Why we’re bothering the fun of these poor little darblats for such minimal rewards and immense amounts of frustration is beyond me. Okay, don’t worry, I got that out of my system.

There is only one control, and that is the space bar. When the darblat goes by, press the spacebar as quickly as you possibly can.

If you didn’t guess already, above is the picture of your screen with a splated darblat. Aww, look how sad the poor guy is… he’s just having his fun, sliding around, and SPLAT. I think I’ll start an organization. The OMGTD. The Opposition for the Malicious, Grueling Treatment of Darblats. It’s just OMG – treatment of Darblats. How horrible.

Moving on. There’s just a couple of things that you really need to know. Here they are in an easy-to-read list format:

  • It will take anywhere from 5 – 25 seconds for the dar-blat to slide down the screen.
  • If you miss the Dar-Blat you get no points and your score doesn’t send.
  • If you hit the Dar-Blat your points are automatically sent and you don’t get a choice.
  • You only get one chance to hit the darblat. If you miss it, you must start over. If you do hit it, you cannot try and get another score in its place. That is your final score.
  • A perfect score in this game is 600 points.

There are various poses that the dar-blat might be in. Whether the dar-blat goes faster or slower in a specific pose is unknown. Though, there are the pictures of what they look like for your convenience.

There are not really too many tips for this game since the concept is so underwhelmingly simple.

  • Keep your finger on the space bar. Even try pressing down on the space bar slightly.
  • Try not to have too many windows open to distract you.
  • Keep practicing, eventually your reflexes will become faster, and you have more chances of a better score.
  • If you’re not opposed to the mistreatment of petpets, then playing this game three times a day is not much of a loss. It is quite quick-paced, it doesn’t require too much thought, and you can even play three times a day in less than 2 minutes.

There’s not much else to this game! It’s just that simple, but remember. OMG – Treatment of Darblats. Remember, when you play this game, you are ruining the day of a poor, innocent darblat. May that be on your conscience.

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