Neopets Darigan Chambers

A castle towers the floating island above meridell… what goes on there?



Current status with Meridell : TRUCE 

During the Invasion of Meridell, Darigan lost all his power and was banished from the citadel. However when he returned, he claimed he was purely good and had desire for power. After Kass was defeated in the Battle for Meridell, Darigan resumed his throne.

Right now, Meridell and Darigan aren’t having any problems and we see Lord Darigan and his trusty sidekick Galgarroth helping him. Kass had made things even worse around the citadel so they have to go to work rebuilding darigan’s citadel. However Lord Darigan and Galgarroth aren’t very happy to see you…

Their greeting depends on which side you fought in for the invasion of Meridell plot.

If you fought for Meridell…

What are YOU doing here? Just because we’re currently at peace with Meridell doesn’t mean that you can just swan up here and explore my citadel whenever you feel like it. Now please leave before I summon the guards!

If you fought for Darigan…

I must thank you for your help in the past. I lost the battle, but won the war it seems, how… amusing. Now don’t hang around too long, I have *things* to take care of…” 

You’ll also get an avatar aswell if you fought for darigan!