Neopets Deadly Dice Guide

Neopets Deadly Dice Guide

Who is this Roo guy?

In the deep forests of Roo Island lies the tomb of the dreaded Count Von Roo. Whether he’s there all the time…we’re not sure, because there are many sightings in the Haunted Woods, but what we do know is that when Count Von Roo doesn’t come out to play Deadly Dice, his tomb is closed, giving the idea that he is sleeping. Um…I think you get the point: Count Von Roo is a fake! Just kidding. Anyway, Count Von Roo is awake from 12 – 1 am NST. You can play Deadly Dice with him during that time. Here are just a couple of facts from the Neopedia about Von Roo:

  • He was one of the nastier Neopians, and was shunned.
  • He was born in 200 BN (before Neopia).
  • He wandered Neopia until he found Roo Island. Which, at that time, was never heard of before.
  • He found an old castle to live in.
  • He was only recently awakened…

Now what is interesting is in the Gallery of Evil it says Count Von Roo resides in the haunted woods. Yet – in neopedia it says he resides in Roo island? Funny huh? Anyway – the Gallery of Evil warns you not to leave your window open, wherever you are. Count Von Roo loves a tasty snack… and he could just woosh in through and you can say good bye to your room and your… well, I won’t list. ;D

If you are one of the poor neopians who are attacked by count Von Roo in the dead of the night you have your chance to take revenge. You can challenge him in the battledome!


About the Game

Deadly Dice is a simple game involving you rolling a dice. Erm der. The game gambles the levels of your pet rather than your neopoints much like many neopets games. However in order to play your pet must be Level 2 or higher.

Rolling higher than Count Von Roo your pet gains a level.

If you roll less than Count Von Roo then your pet loses a level.

If you tie with Count Von Roo you get to continue playing. Every round you tie the level amount that increases or decreases becomes larger until you win. However you can only keep playing until the level amount is less than or equal to your pet’s current level. For example if your pet is on Level 3 you can only tie 3 round. This is because your pet cannot be a minus level, for example Level -1.


Who is that tapping at my chamber door? Why, it’s none other than Count Von Roo, and it looks like he has a Dice Game to play with you…

One of the great things about almost every activity on neopets there’s an avatar. For deadly dice there’s an avatar also! In order to get this avatar your pet must be at Level 3. Because in order to get this avatar you have to tie with Count Von Roo and then win. But beware ! If you go against Count Von Roo again, and lose, you willlose your avatar.




I must defend myself from the evil rumors! 


Here are some ‘rumors’ that help you win Count Von Roo. Now- these are just rumors and most rumors tend to be squashed. Just for kicks here are some rumors:

  1. To win, hit the button at an even number.
  2. If you click the button at the :00 then you gain a level. For example at exactly 12:01:00 or 12:40:00, etc.
  3. To tie Count Von Roo go 5 seconds before any odd minute. For example, 12:44:55, etc.

Don’t get mad if these don’t work because they’re just rumors and just here for fun. Won’t hurt to try them though eh?

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