Neopets Desert Diplomacy Plot

A new event has been released in Neopia named Desert Diplomacy! This event will of course comprise of an neocash component, and the event is predicted to be made up of finding clues and solving a mystery!

It was just supposed to be a fortnight of relaxing diplomacy. Princess Amira invited her fellow rulers from across Neopia to her palace in Sakhmet to discuss foreign policy and trade routes, and perhaps take home a few pretty bath soaps. But thieves have crept into the palace and robbed her distinguished visitors! What a scandal! The Princess is offering a reward for the safe return of her guests’ belongings.

Desert Diplomacy Plot

Half the rulers of Neopia are here in Amira’s throne room, and they’re outraged! Whoever committed the robbery has some cheek. There’s bound to be some evidence for those clever enough to find it, but you suspect you’ll need to wait until the shouting dies down a bit. You can begin sleuthing in earnest tomorrow.


Looks like a new Plot is stirring up in neopia! Many have guess a logic-like puzzle similar to that of Usurper back in 2001. The timer is ticking, and we will know more come midnight NST! Stay tuned to see what comes out of this Desert Diplomacy.

Evidence Log: Perhaps the thieves have tried to sell King Skarl’s Illuminated Menuscript. You might check with Lost Desert Foods.

Once you visit the Lost Desert Foods shop, the grarrl shopkeeper says:

You look like you’d enjoy a fine Sand Pear. How about it? It’s guaranteed to put sand on your chest.
» Actually, I was hoping you’d heard about the Illuminated Mensucript theft.

» No time for that! Tell me you know where the Illuminated Menuscript is!

What makes you think I’d know anything about it? I’m outraged. I’m insulted! I’m – well, I’ll tell you one thing. It’s not easy to steal, being so large. If I were going to nab it, and I wouldn’t, just so we’re clear, I’d use one of two methods.
» Yes, go on.

You sure you don’t want to buy a Sand Pear? *sigh* Everyone says they look like Chias. Anyway, I’d use some kind of invisibility potion to hide it, or else try outright bribery. Not that the palace guards are easy to bribe. The Illuminated Menuscript was either stolen using invisibility or by bribing a guard.
» Thanks! That’s very helpful.

You Have Found A Clue

You bring the information back to Princess Amira, who is delighted to see your progress. She gestures to a servant, who then presents you with a reward for your effort. “Here,” she adds. “You can have this old parchment too. It was just collecting dust.”

Sand Sculpture Strategies
 Sign of Life Parchment Piece

The Princess declares that you’ll catch the scoundrels yet… but it looks like you have to wait for new leads. Perhaps someone will report in tomorrow.