Neopets Double or Nothing Guide

Neopets Double or Nothing Guide


Basic Information:

Double or Nothing (click to play)
Game ratio:
100 NP per 100 pts scored

Collect winnings of 320 or more from Double or Nothing.
Quick cheats:



IntroductionAs you walk into King Skarl’s throne room and walk down the red carpet King Skarl sits at the end engrossed in… eating. As you walk forward the guard steps in front of you and says, “Er, the king doesn’t like to be distrubed when he eats… So, you just have to wait around.” Scowling, you walk away and mutter, “I’ll be here forever then..” Walking back you notice a door open on the left of you with gold piled up inside. Curiosity arisen, you walk through to meet an ugly green skeith… He grins, his gold teeth glinting in the dim light and says, “Double or nothing?”

The King’s treasurer is Snargan and the Meridell treasure room lies off the side of the throne room. He takes care of Skarl’s treasure, but not very well. He gambles it with neopians in a game called Double or Nothing.



How do you play?The game is extremely simple, a two year old can understand it. If you don’t understand it, well, er, that’s what this guide is for right? Snargan will use one of the coins in the treasury. He will flip the coin and if the coins is tails (meridell shield) then you lose all the money that have you won and you can’t continue through the rounds. If the coin reads heads (King Skarl’s head) then you get neopoints and you can continue to the next round. Every time you continue to the next round the neopoint reward doubles. Hence the name Double or nothing! Remember, it only costs 10 neopoints to play so it’s not too much of a loss if you do lose.




There are only two prizes that you can win from Double or nothing and that’s neopoints and an avatar. The neopoints I should’ve explained quite well before but here’s another way of showing it to make it easy:

If you win:

  • First Round: 10 neopoints
  • Second Round: 20 neopoints
  • Third Round: 40 neopoints
  • Fourth Round: 80 neopoints
  • Fifth Round: 160 neopoints
  • Sixth Round: 320 neopoints
  • Seventh Round: 640 neopoints
  • Eight Round: 1,280 neopoints
  • Etc.

So how do you get the avatar you ask? Well it’s quite simple. You must go up to the sixth round and win and then collect your neopoints. Remember, if you lose you don’t collect what you had won so far, but you LOSE everything. You must score above 320 neopoints and you reach that amount at the sixth round. You can go on if you want to but it would be safer to collect the neopoints then.


Random QuotesThis section is just for a little bit of fun. Read the little quotes that Snargan says if you win, lose, or just at the main double or nothing page.

  • Homepage:
    • Hows about a game with old Snargan?
    • All of this money could be yours!
    • Wanna win a fortune? Get over here!
    • Hey, you over there, fancy a gamble?
    • The King better not find me gambling with his money.
    • Fancy a Game of chance?
  • If you win:
    • No, look closer, I think its tails…
    • Hang on, that coin was supposed to have tails on both sides!
    • Uggh.
    • You must have cheated…
    • I demand a recount!
    • So you think its fine to rob a poor old Skeith
  • If you Lose:
    • Heh heh heh I just love to win.
    • Ha ha ha!
    • Hand over the cash :)
    • Extra cheese on my burger tonight :)
    • YES! Your money is mine!
    • Ill enjoy counting my winnings!

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