Neopets Dupe Day 2014

Duping is back. The infamous dupe day from 04/05 still brings chills to the Neopians who can remember. After Neopets switched servers from Viacom to Jumpstart in September 2014, many glitches started to appear onwards. The intense lag that was apparent to many users, made it possible to dupe items, neopoints, and neocash items!

What is a duped item you ask? Duped is short for duplicated, referring to duplicated items. Security holes within the Neopets servers allowed for users to mass duplicate items, which is of course against the rules, which is why users avoid them.

TNT was quick to patch the glitch that made it possible to dupe NC items, and were quick on the clean up of the duped items as well. However, we’re into Day Seven of the method being publicly released/abused, and TNT has yet to eliminate the problem.

The week of September 29 – October 3, was one hectic week. With users having thirty super attack peas in trade, to users 1np auction MSPP tcgs in mass, and to even random users bidding millions on junk auctions. It was crazy, and many people have wound up with duped items now. I’d steer clear of any duped suaps, or any other duped items for that matter!

Here’s the gallery of two now frozen accounts, who abused the dupe glitch just to show you a taste of the damage done:

Here are some dupe day screenshots / screenies, to reminiscence upon:


Neopets Dupe Day 2014

Duped SuAP neopets-dupe-day-6827200 neopets-duped-items-3756959 Neopets Duped MSPP

neopets-duplicate-items-3298267 neopets-dupe-glitch-5274451


neopets-dupe-method-7541688 Neopets Duplicate Baby PB neopets-duplication-items-7091355 neopets-super-attack-pea-suap-4393407 super attack pea