Neopets Escape from Meridell Avatar Guide

Escape from Meridell

An enjoyable guide made by Lady, one of our wonderful NNoN staff!


Basic Information: 

Escape from Meridell (click to play)
Game ratio:
85 NP per 100 pts scored

Be in the top 50 in the high score table.
Yes; Click here
Quick cheats:

  • Valrigard:Resets Time.
IntroductionOn this game you play a hard to spell character (Valrigard) that has to escape from the meridell castle, where he has been unfairly imprisoned. Your only weapon is this weird red sword. You can fly too, but only for a little bit.

Before you try to play on the reset night, for trophy or for the avatar, train here.


There are 20 levels. You don’t need to make them all in way to get a good score, you just need to be lucky in your points. Below you’ll see a detailed list of the things you’ll find and what they’ll give to you.


The scoring system is a bit weird:

  • number of monsters per level = number of points first monster gives
  • number of monsters per level -1 = number of points second monster gives.
  • number of monsters per level -2 = number of points third monster gives and so on.

So, stop killing them after you realize you can’t get anymore points.When flying try to save your energy. Hold and let go on brief and regular intervals.


Level Walkthrough

Level 1
Stars: 23
Monsters: Grarrls
Go up the stairs and release the ? box. Go to your right and kill the grarrl. Go up, stop on the small rock on left and kill the grarrl. Go up, get the stars. At left there is one more grarrl. To pass trough the spikes just step on the edge of the “cliff” and go up.

Level 2
Stars: 24
Monsters: Grarrls
Kill all the grarrls. On the right side go up and catch the ? box. On the left side there are around 12 stars over spikes and a grarrl near spike too. If you’re still not confident don’t try to get them.

Level 3
Stars: 28
Monsters: Garrls and Korbats
Slash the grarrl and go up until you have 3 blocks with spikes. Go to the edge of the block you’re currently in (somewhere on the middle of the second spikey block) and go up. When you’re almost achieving the ceiling let the up arrow go for a millisecond and go up again. There are five stars between spikes and a korbat (that shall be easy to kill) and the rest of them is on the top of the level.

Level 4
Stars: 2
Monsters: Grarrls and Korbats
Destroy the grarrls. On the korbat zone there is a conveyor belt that leds you to right. Destroy the korbats while you’re there and fly up on the right. Rest on the small space on the rocks and continue up. Do the same thing on the left side to arrive to the door.

Level 5
Stars: 21
Monsters: Korbats and Lava
You just need to rest on all the empty spaces you find and, from there, kill korbats. Be careful with the last set of spikes, near the door.

Level 6
Stars: 19
Monsters: Grarrls, Korbats and Stars
Put your self against the left wall and slash the korbat when it arrives. This applies to both. Jump over the star and go up. On the left you’ll find a box and a grarrl. A bit more up you�ll find a bunch of stars surrounded by spikes. Get them for an extra life.

Level 7
Stars: 18
Monsters: Grarrls, Korbats, Stars, Lava, Cannon
Get the box and kill the grarrl. Go up and follow the star as it goes to left. Jump over it as soon as you have space. Collect everything, but leave the star on the left corner. Go up (keep killing) and beware of the falling lava. As soon as you get its timing it shall be easy to continue.

Level 8
Stars: 6
Monsters: Grarrls, Korbats, Stars, Cannons
Fly trough the cannons (don’t worry, it won’t hurt you ^-^) and slash them for points. Collect the stars and go up for two korbats. Get the stars and the boxes.

Level 9
Stars: 43
Monsters: Grarrls, Korbats, Stars, Lava, Cannons
Get the box, slash the korbat and land on top of the 3 boxes. Fly down and up in way to get the boxes. Continue up and kill every monster until you find the last four lava drops (beware of the conveyor belts!). Run straight across, by holding the left key! Wait for the star to go left and follow it until you have space to jump.


Level 10
Stars: 27
Monsters: Grarrls, Korbats, Stars, Lava, Cannons
Collect and slash everything, including the cannon. This will probably give you an extra life. Slash the korbat as soon as you land on the block near to the spikes.Level 11
Stars: None
Monsters: Grarrls, Stars, Lava, Cannons
Slash both cannons and get the box and go left. Continue up. Entering Bonus Level: Don’t get past the golden door. Go up by using the energy balls.

Level 12
Stars: 23
Monsters: Grarrls, Korbats, Stars, Lava, Cannons
This is one of the hardest levels. Go to right. Go up (but you can get the ? boxes ^-*) and pass trough the stars: wait for them to come and fly to the next block, until you pass all of them. Kill the korbats and avoid the cannons.

Level 13
Stars: 3
Monsters: Korbats, Stars, Cannons
Slash the cannon and korbats. To pass trough the upper stars wait until the lonely one arrives to your right. Jump over it and run between them. Go right and then down. Slash the cannon.

Level 14
Stars: 13
Monsters: Stars, Spikeys
Welcome our spikey friend! Keep killing them as was taught above and you shall not have problems.

Level 15
Stars: 34
Monsters: Grarrls, Korbats, Stars, Lava, Cannons, Spikeys
Hardest level of the game. Collect the stars if you want and land of the first conveyor belt. Beware of the spikey. Go by the middle. As soon as you arrive to the lava zone, wait for it to fall AND wait the star going right. Place yourself very right on the block. As soon as you achieve the top just fall. ATTENTION: keep the up arrow key

Level 16
Stars: None
Monsters: Cannons
By other hand. Easiest level of the game. Keep the up arrow key pressed on the beginning of the level. Go right.

Level 17
Stars: 10
Monsters: Stars, Cannons, Spikeys, Flamers
Say Hi to the flamer! They go up and down on the conveyor belt. On the last set of flamers, since they are not synchronized, run and then fly. Wait until they are near of the floor.

Level 18
Stars: 18
Monsters: Cannons, Spikeys, Flamers
Jump over the spikey and get the box. Fall between the flamers.

Level 19
Stars: 12
Monsters: None
Fall. Go to right and fall to left. Go to left and fall to left. Fly to right and fall.
** Entering the bonus level: Fall far right.


Level 20
This is the final wizard. It’s like a giant cannon. Wait until he comes down and slash him until you defeat him.Bonus Levels
Just fall and catch the stars you can. As soon as you’re floating somewhere on the never ending level take a break and wait the time to run out. Then make the level over and over again.