Neopets Evil Thade Guide

Neopets Evil Thade Guide

Eliv Thade
~ Lady (NNoN Staff)




Basic Information

Eliv Thade (click to play)
Game ratio:
200 NP per 100 pts scored scored

(To get, score 1200+)
Click here
Quick cheats:
Type ‘rehaxtint’ to gain an extra hint



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Purpose of this guideWith this guide I intend to give you the steps to achieve the avatar (score of 1200+) in a quick and clean way. I don’t want to teach you to solve anagrams (since it would include big dictionaries and logarithms and nobody likes logarithms, isn’t it?) I don’t want you to get a massive score. Just get the avatar. Good luck!

The Screen

Insert the word on the Zach’s Solver in first place. You’ll only use the AvatarLog solver on exceptional occasions:

  • No results
    • Use the AvatarLog solver.
    • Check if the word is spelled right
    • If you still have no solutions go to the Avatar NeoBoards and ask for help
    • If there is not solution even that way it’s time to sacrifice a life.
  • Multiple Results
    • The second solver shall give you the word accepted by the game.
    • If even this anagram solver gives you multiple answers use your letter hint.
    • If there are two or more words starting with the same letter use another letter hint.
    • If this still does not work take a chance on one of them, with luck it’ll be the right one.
  • Words starting with capitals
    • Use the second solver to be sure of the word or to be sure that it’s not another word.


(this screenshot shows also the secret pads. Don’t be afraid to step those, you’ll be safe on them ;))

  • First: Walk this way until you have 200 points.
  • Second: Make this way. Each room will give you a 50 point bonus and a letter hint. When you get back to the place you started you shall have 500 points (more or less)
  • Third: This is the same pattern as the first part. Do it and go to the crypt when you have 850 points. This is the minimum score for you to get the avatar! You’ll need to solve na eight letter anagram to enter, but you’ll end with a score of 1050 points. You’ll get a bonus of 150 points when you send your score.



Other Things to Know/ Tips 

  • Play on Hard
  • You’ll just be able to enter the crypt after you entered the other rooms.
  • Do not, and I repeat, DO NOT step on the broken pads.
  • Make three steps at the time (the bigger the anagram the better the solver works. And it gives more points)
  • Some controls that may turn useful:
    • Quick Select: Double click over the word
    • Copy: Ctrl+C
    • Paste: Ctrl+V
  • Be sure that you spelled the word right and that you not included an extra space on the beginning or in the end of the word! I’ve lots of lives this way. T_T
  • On the first screenshot it appears “Music (very important)”. If you like to work and study with music this will be a great bonus. Because they keep talking on the music and you’ll be more alert to remember words and to type faster.
  • Type “rehaxtint” into the box where you type the answer, erase it and click on the letter hint to get another hint. (never tried this personally. And, in case you had not noticed: rehextint = Extra Hint)
  • The weird words on the game are:
    • Neopets words (items, usernames, pets, heroes, etc.)
  • Words created by the game programmers
  • Internet words
  • Movie/TV show words
  • Non-English words
  • Proper names
  • Two or more words stuck together
  • All the letters shall be in lower case! DO NOT INSERT CAPITALS OR YOU’LL LOSE!!!

Just in case you’re curious.


Room Name Item Name Item Name with solved anagram Item Image
Dining Room Sword of Skardsken Sword of Darkness
Kitchen Shield of Pion Troct Shield of Protection
Kitchen Amulet of Thilg Amulet of Light
Library Grimoire of Thade Grimoire of Death

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