Neopets Extreme Potato Counter Guide

Extreme Potato Counter

Basic Information: 

Extreme Potato Counter (click to play)
Game ratio:
700 NP per 100 pts scored

(Score 200+)
Quick cheats:


Basic Controls

Your Eyes: Count them tators!

Game Ratings
Fun Rating: 3/10. If you have found a way to play this game and leave it with an attitude that says, “Wow, I just had a good time”, then you are an incredibly optimistic and amazing person.

NP Rating: 8/10. Despite the boredom, the work pays off, as you can often times get 600 np or even up to 1,000 np if you have good eyes!


Yippee yi yay! Count them tators, cowboy! Don’t cha want to be a farmer of them soon-ter-be hashbrowns just like meself? Then count these pesky little tator tots as they fly across yer screen! Just make sure ya don’t include the youngins (I mean…onions).

The Controversy

What? Controversy on Neopets? I’ve got to be kidding! No…

Back when I was even more of a nerd than I am now and I wrote for the Neopian Times, I wrote an article where I made up types of games. Even more surprisingly, Neopets accepted them!

In one of my articles, I wrote about a new version of the classic Potato Counter. I called it “Potato Counter Extreme.” Here’s thelink to the article and a short snippet of it below:

Game Variation #3: Potato Counter Extreme!!!

This game is totally awesome! Instead of the usual amount of potatoes you normally have to count (sometimes as low as 20) you are guaranteed to have to count at least 3000! But in this game, things are different! Sometimes different things will suddenly be thrown at you! While you may be on a roll counting over 2000 potatoes, all of a sudden, a marrow will pop up! You might count that by accident, and have to start all over again! But don’t worry if you have to, because remember: Counting is fun!!! Also, if it takes you 3 hours or more to play this game, you will not receive any NP, so act fast! Also, since this version is slightly harder than the previous one, Adam has decided to be generous enough to let you have up to 65 NP per play! Isn’t that nice of him?

Within the next month, Neopets had on their old “World” section where they featured their “Coming Soon…” something in bold text that said Extreme Potato Counter!!! Sure enough, a month later, the flash game came out.

The question is…did they get this idea from me? Did Neopets go so far as to make a fan’s creation a reality? I suppose I’ll never know for sure, but it sounded like they took some of my ideas for their game.

And Amazingly Enough…

…well, before I say what was so amazing, allow me to forgive you for having to enduring my soon-to-come arrogance and pride. Most of my game guides have been humble to this point, but I want you all to understand that in March 2005, I became an…

Extreme Potato Counter Champion!!!

Yes, the game I feel I deserve some credit for coming up for an idea with I have been awarded a trophy for due to my great score of 258! Now, back to my semi-humble attitude…


In this game, your goal is to count the potatoes that fly by in each round. At the end of every round, you will be asked to give the number of POTATOES ONLY that you counted (none of those carrots and what-not). If you are correct, you will advance to a harder and more difficult round.

Good Potato-Counting Methods

This is, unfortunately, one of those games that a guide cannot help you with fully. You really need to try it for yourself, but here are a few methods which I recommend, some of mine:

  • Never count in a rhythm. These potatoes come at random and at different speeds, so counting them to the beat of your favorite song will not allow you to last long…especially if that song is Unchained Melody.
  • Count potatoes right when they enter the edge of the screen. This, I think, is the absolute key to the concept. If you wait for potatoes to get to the middle, you will soon realize that not all the potatoes actually reach the middle. Some fly from the bottom right, to the middle-bottom right, and just barely show themselves. If you count them right when they come, you can guarantee yourself a perfect score (if you count quickly enough).
  • Take a break if you have several many wrong rounds in a row. Usually your mind just needs a little absence from the world of computers and the internet, and simply needs some time that has nothing to do with counting those Idaho-like vegetables.
  • Count in pairs. By this I mean count by twos for each pair of potatoes. I don’t really use this method, but several others still recommend it.
  • Speak aloud in the earlier rounds. It helps make sure your brain doesn’t skip a number.
  • When hectic, use common sense. This is what won me my trophy. Soon on, it’s impossible to count all the potatoes they throw at you. So you have to think, “Well, that was about ten, another ten, another ten…” until you get to a reasonable number. Then guess that number. I had to do that three times in a row and I got a score of 258 which gave me my trophy.

    Keep in mind…

    Oh crap! It’s the first round and I was drinking my Dr. Pepper while counting and now I’m not sure if I counted 10 or 11 potaotes. Well…I can guarantee you that the answer is ten. Here’s a little important information to keep in mind:

    In the first round, there will always be 6-10 potatoes. In the second round, there will always be 9-15 potatoes. In the third round, there will always be 12-20 of them. Do you see the pattern? The minimum ALWAYS goes up by three each round, and the maximum by five. However, I only noticed that this usually goes up to round seven or so. After that, I think it gets to be bigger numbers. I could be wrong, however…but I hope I’m not.


  • You may want to have the annoying background music turned off while you’re counting.
  • Eating potatoes in real life is a great and healthy family tradition. A message from Idaho’s hard-working potato farmers.
  • Have a buddy help! Teamwork is always good while counting potatoes, especially if one of you screw up and need the other for assistance.