Neopets Faerie Crossword Guide

The Library Faerie needs your help to fill in the crossword puzzle. She has clues but can’t make head or tail of them! So you’ll need to read them and figure out what words go in each spot.


Words always go from left-to-right, or up-to-down (they never go down-to-up or right-to-left, that would be crazy!) and must be filled in one letter at a time. Once you have filled in all the letters correctly, you will be awarded prizes! You can only receive prizes once per day (once per puzzle, in other words) but you can solve a day’s puzzle as many times as you want!

You can fill in words by clicking on the clue at the bottom, then typing in a word above it and clicking “Go”. If you put in the wrong word, you can put another one in the same place: just click the clue again, and type in a new word, then click “Go”!

Remember, if you start a puzzle too late in the day, the new one might replace it before you finish the old one! So get started!


Solve puzzle in less than 5 minutes 600 neopoints
Solve puzzle in less than 15 minutes 400 neopoints
Solve puzzle in more than 15 minutes 200 neopoints


Faerie Crosswords are usually hard, and figuring them out, are, well quite hard!