Neopets Fetch Guide

Neopets Fetch Guide


Basic Information: 

Fetch! (click to play)
Game ratio:
150 neopoints to 100 neopoints earned
Difficulty: ? Category: Quick cheats:None



Welcome to Fetch. You are a cute mutant blumaroo *huggles* that has a big evil master. This big evil master always sends you to find an item that is lost in a maze. Who lost the item inside the maze is still a mystery.

This game has a safe strategy that, when followed, brings an almost certain result. But before we enter the depths of our mazes let’s see what items your master needs for his doomed unknown potions (or whatever that he’s doing):

 – Grackle Plus

 – Grackle Trap

 – Mellow Seeds

 – Phear Spines

 – Rotten Peachpas

 – Sack Plant Seeds

 – Smellyshroom Essence

 – The Stuff

 – Whomp Berries

Notice that this items are just available inside the game. They are not actual neopets items

You can move using the Tentacompass. Just click the… Tentacle that points to the direction you want to go. You move a step at the time.

Before entering into the strategy we also need to know the different kinds of maze that exist. We can’t map them, because their form is random for each player and for each game. However, everyone has some common points on the maze map and those will be used to define the strategy:

Size: 10×10 (10 steps for each side)
Allows: 65 steps
Base reward: 101 np

Size: 15×15
Allows: 100 steps
Base Reward: 201 np

Size: 20×20
Allows: 175 steps
Base Reward: 501 np

Unlockable map (score 1000 points to unlock)
Size: 25×25
Allows: 225 steps
Base Reward: 1501 np
Recommended when trying for trophy

Finally, let’s see how this game Scores:
Scoring depends on:
Size of the Maze – Gives you the base reward of that maze (described above)
Number of steps that you have left when finding the exit – Adds half of the number of steps (rounded down) to your base reward

High scores can be get by completing successive mazes. As soon as you fail to complete one, your score will be reset to zero.

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