Neopets Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water Guide

Neopets Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water Guide

Curious about the exact colors the Flask could grace upon a pet, I decided to do a little research. What I’ve found has been an continual hobby of using the Flasks in the same manner other people use Nerkmids. Only a little more costly! I began this page almost a year ago now, and have been flasking for even longer. A big thank you to the many people who have taken the time to mail me and comment, assist and thank me for the information here. You’re the reason this page remains as informative and up to date as it is!

For those who don’t know, the Flask can be gained from the Underwater Fishing Game. It is fished up as a random item, so if you happen to get one in this manner, consider yourself to be lucky indeed!

The Flask as you’ll find it in auctions, trades or from fishing.
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A few people have contacted me about the flasks. While this page was only ever intended to my own record of the situation, I’ve added a small question section as well, so those questions will be cleared up.

Q: What Fishing level do I need to be to catch a flask?
A: Any level about 78 should be fine. However, there are pets over level 200 who are yet to fish one up.
Q: Can I send you screenshots or a neomail about what happened to my pet when I used a Flask?
A: Of course, I would be delighted to hear from anyone on the matter. Screenshots will always be credited to you.
Q: What colors are possible?
A: At the moment I have reports of pets turning colors such as Maraquan,Plushie, Robot, Baby, MSPP and Royal, as well as other basic colors. This indicates the possible colors from the flasks aren’t the same as those from the Fountain Faerie Quests.
Q: How much should I pay for a Flask?
A: You can only pay what people will sell for! I suggest keeping an eye out for a decent price on the trading post, or in auctions. As more flasks are fished, the price may drop.
Q: Will you keep using the Flasks?
A: I’ve stopped for now.
Q: How many times can I use a flask?
A: Each flask is a one time use item. It will vanish once used.
Q: Crisp turned Checkered twice in a row?
A: Yes. Three times, in fact. It seems a popular color!
Q: Can you get the Buzzin’ avatar from a flask?
A: Nope!
Q: Will the flask change my pets species?
A: No. Only color.
Q: Do you want to buy my flask?
A: I’ve had some nice people ask me this. As long as you’re asking a fair price, I might. Right now I have a few stored up, so just ask me if I’m buying.
Q: If my pet turns Royal from a flask, will it be the same gender it is now?
A: Interesting, but it seems it’s still random. I know two people who have had a flask, used it on a female pet, and had the pet turn Royalboy.
Q: With everyone who has mailed you a result, what is the most common color people get?
A: Checkered and Pink.
Q: Can the flasks turn my pet a basic color? (Red, Green, Blue, Yellow)
A: Yes, they can. I got a red result on a flask I used.
Q: Can the flasks be used on any pet?
A:The flasks can be used on any pet.


Below is a record of my attempts to use the Flasks. The subject is Crisp, one of my Draiks. Crisp started off as a purple Draik, and my findings are below.

Please note that Flasks with a es-3952081 were used on Ebon, not Crisp :)
Flasks with a pi8-4218351 were used on Phobic.

Flask One Plushie
Flask Twoes-3952081 White
Flask Three Purple
Flask Four Glowing
Flask Five Mutant
Flask Six Pink
Flask Seven Cloud
Flask Eight Pink again
Flask Nine Brown
Flask Ten Checkered
Flask Eleven Checkered.. Again.
Flask Twelve Checkered. Yes. Again.
Flask Thirteenes-3952081 Mutant
Flask Fourteenes-3952081 Plushie
Flask Fifteenpi8-4218351 Camouflage
Flask Sixteenpi8-4218351 Disco
Flask Seventeenpi8-4218351 Cloud
Flask Eighteenpi8-4218351 Brown
Flask Nineteen Tyrannian
Flask Twenty Brown
Flask Twenty One Pink
Flask Twenty Two Red
Flask Twenty Three Robot
Flask Twenty Four Rainbow
Flask Twenty Five Mutant


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