Neopets Freaky Factory Guide

Neopets Freaky Factory Guide

Freaky Factory

Basic Information


Freaky Factory (click to play)
Game ratio:
60 NP per 100 pts scored

(To get, score 1250+)
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Quick cheats:


On this game your objective is to build up and paint the mighty plushies of doom. Lost in a Kreludan factory you have to drop blobs of paint and… paint them in to adorable squeezeness.



Score System

Most don’t understand it at first. However it is quite simple and turns very important when you’re playing for a good score.

The species value of your plushie is multiplied by the value of its colour. So, for example, if you have a Blue Kau you’ll score 4 points (4×1), while if you have a Green Poogle you’ll score 4 points as well (2×2).


Jubjub 1 Red/Yellow/Blue x1
Poogle 2 Purple/Orange/Green x2
Scorchio 3 Rainbow x3
Kau 4 Angel x?
Chomby 5


Following this theory we may conclude that the most valuable thing you’ll get, besides the angel plushie (see further on how to get it) is the Rainbow Chomby, with a stunning value of 15 points (5×3)



The regular coloured blobs will fill your vats. The size of the blob matters, as it represents how many units of paint it contains. Be careful not to waste your blobs on already filled vats, as they will count on your waste meter.

The soap blob will clean your waste.
The shiny green blob will upgrade to a more valuable colour all the plushies that are on the conveyor belt.
The ice blob will slow down your conveyor belt.
The purple blob will speed it up.

The angel blob will fill up your vat or, if you hit it, turn a plushie into an angel. Never use it on an already filled vat or on the floor, since it’s waste is powerful.

The “bad” blobs (with snarling mouth) will take some units from your vat and add it into your waste meter.

The clock blob gives you more time.

The atom blob (later levels only) will fill up every vat, and it does not matter where you aim and where it falls.


Click on the purple grundo, since he’s the thief that steals your plushies


Tips and Tricks


  • Blue blobs only come from the left.
  • Red blobs only come from the right.
  • Staff members and petpets may hide inside the vats. Don’t pay attention to them.
  • If a blob comes from the opposite side (like a blue blob coming from right) it will most likely be a bad blob.



Basic Strategy

The most basic that you can do from this game is:

  1. Fill up the two vats of the colour you don’t need and then fill up the one you need, in way to do more plushies in a row. This has to do with the Consecutive Bonus. It works by counting the plushies you make in a row. The bonus meter will stop if it finds a gap. If you get 10 plushies done in arrow your bonus will be of 45 points.
  2. Keep the vats filled up.



Maximize your Points

The following strategy can be used either for avatar or for the trophy. Just practice a lot and hope for good blobs falling from the sky.

  1. On level 1, start over until you get a basic colour Jubjub
  2. Fill up the two opposite vats (as stated above). Wait for a nicely sized blob and drop it. Let the grundo steal the plushie.
  3. Keep filling up your vats and keep with this until the 18 plushies level. Attention: the grundo shall only steal basic coloured jubjubs.
  4. Ice blobs shall be used on the very beginning of the levels, trying to keep the plushies together in way to a bigger bonus.
  5. Use the speed blob when you have a gap on your conveyor belt.
  6. Use the green blobs as many times possible.
  7. On faster levels just keep the vats filled and hit the grundo (don’t let him steal anything)

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