Neopets Freebies

Neopets Freebies

There are a lot of Neopets Freebies out there. All you need to do is click around to obtain your Neopets Freebies. Simply scroll through everyday and see what Neopets Freebies you can get! Remember to only do this on your main account! Good Luck!

Free Food

The following Neopets Freebies are for free food for your Neopets! Make sure they do not go hungry ( you do not want a colour change!)

Soup Kitchen 
You must have less than 3,000np to get free food. You are able to click on your Neopet until they are bloated. (This can be accessed on your sides)
Free Jelly
 You can get different types of jelly for free! Sometimes there is no jelly left. All you will have to do is come back in a few hours.
Free Omelette
 You can get different types of omelette for free! Sometimes there is no omelette left. All you will have to do is come back in a few hours.
Free Food
 This is a monthly freebie. Every Neopet that you own will get one piece of random food.
Movie Central
Feed your pets every 24 hours.

Free Items and Neopoints

Neopets Bank
This is where you are able to collect your interest every day.
Money Tree
This is where you are able to try and get anything that kind Neopians have donated ( up to 10 items per day) Just click the images that pop up and be quick!
Second Hand Shoppe
 This is where you are able to try and get any wearable that kind Neopians have donated!
Rubbish Dump
 There are two unique items to try and get here: Apple Core and Old Paper, how ever it is extremely rare. Other junk items can be clicked on to keep though.
Altador King
 Only after you have completed the Altador Plot can you then access the King himself!
Shop Offers
 If you have a spare second click this Neopets Freebie to receive free NP.
Trudys Surprise
 Spin the wheel every day for 25 days to receive NP daily. On the 25th day you will receive 100k! You can also win Gift boxes too!
Obsidian Quarry
 Go to the Quarry once per day to receive an item.
Apple Bobbing
Bob for an Apple once a day and for a chance to win the Apple Bobbing Avatar.
Anchor Management
Once per day you have to chance to grab freebies from the giant Kraken. Have a look at the prizes you could get!
Negg Cave
Complete the daily puzzle to win a prize. Click here for our guide.
Grave Digger
 Check out our Neopets Grave Digger Guide. You are able to send a petpet you own into the catacombs. It will tell you how long you have to wait for.
Kiko Pop
 View our guide on what prizes you can win (Also an avatar) Just pop the balloon to win a prize!
 Do this once a day to receive Neopoints or Items or both!
He is asleep 6am-7am, 2pm-3pm, 10pm-11pm NST
(If you are lucky you can gain an Avatar.)
Guess The Weight
You can guess the weight of the Marrow once per day.
Wise King
Tell him something wise once per day. Look at our guide for the avatar.
Grumpy King
Tell him something twice per day. Look at our guide for the avatars.
Deserted Tomb
Visit once per day for your chance to gain an item.
Fruit Machine
Spin the wheel for your chance for items or NP when you get 3 of the same fruits in a row!
Meteor Crash Site
Poke the Meteor with a stick for your chance to win an item.
Talk to the Plushie for your chance to gain NP, bloated pet and more.
Fish with all your pets every 12-14 hours. Check our our guide for items you could catch and the avatar.
Qasalan Expellibox
 Deposit your scarab once per day for your chance to win items, NP or even NC!
Lunar Temple
Try to study the Lunar chart for your chance to win items.
Forgotten Shore
You need to complete the Shore map in order to access this. View our guide for all the prizes which are available.
  Battle your way to win NP and Items daily. There is a limit on how much you can win- It will be displayed once you have reached it.
Symol Hole
 Dive into the Symbol Hole for your chance of an avatar or items.
Faerie Crossword
Try to complete the daily crossword for your chance to win up to 600np.
Magma Pool
Find your time of day that you are able to visit the Magma Pool to change the colour of your pet!

The Neopets Fruit Machine

 Play once per day to win Np, Items. Spin the wheel for your chance to get 3 of the same pictures in a row to win a prize!
Qasalan Expellibox
 Play this once every 8 hours to try for more NC, NP or items!

Neopets Freebies that Increase your Stats (If Lucky!)


Coltzan’s Shrine
 Visit every 12 hours for a chance to increase your pets stats. Visit our guide for available prizes.
Count Von Roo
 Only available at Midnight NST. Try to increase or decrease your pets level.
Healing Springs
 Heal your pet as well as increase the Endurance of your pet temporarily.
 Turmaculus can increase/decrease the level of your petpet, give you NP, items or even eat your Petpet for a Avatar. Only available for certain times of the day. Read our guide for more information.

Keep an eye out for when you can attempt these Neopets Freebies. Whether they are once per day or twice. You can gain some quick Neopoints by doing these when they become available to you again. Remember to only do these on your main account unless they have been indicated to be used on your sides too.

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