Neopets Frumball Guide


Basic Information: 

(click to play)

Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 0.8 points
For 1,000 NP, score 1250.
Action Arcade Classic
Avatar Neopedia Cheats
None None None
First Place Second Place Third Place



Frumball is a recent trend (kind of… It used to be, at least) at Virtupets Space Station. While you have your life threatened by an evil mastermind what’s better than playing an old traditional arcade game? This requires the Shockwave plug-in that you can download.

This game is quite fast so the first thing you will do is to slow it down. You can do like me and put your computer in danger with an excess of open programs or you can just open Brucey B slots.

The concept is simple and well known from other games as Korbat’s Lab. You have a ball and tiles (on this case bubbles) above that you shall destroy (or pop). You have a paddle-bubble where your ball must fall, if it goes off you will lose a life.

Scoring is simple and based on you proceeding through the levels. You have 3 lives, but you can raise this number with the appropriate code.

Finally, as soon as you pop bubbles some power-ups may fall. They will help you or… sometimes not.

  • C – You lose control of the ball. This can be good sometimes.
  • D – Your ball decreases in size.
  • F – Makes a 3 hits bubble (takes 3 hits to pop.
  • G – Ball sticks to paddle and makes it easier to aim.
  • H – 1000 bonus points
  • I – Goes right through any bubble
  • L – Slows down the ball
  • M – Multiple balls
  • N – Neopoint bonus: bags of neopoints will fall for you to catch them
  • P – Speeds the ball
  • S – Paddle shrink
  • V – Pant devil appears and will steal your ball if hit.
  • W – Skip level
  • 8 – Double ball