Neopets Gallery Spotlight Guide

Neopets Gallery Spotlight Guide

Gallery Spotlight 
By DarkJon

The Gallery Spotlight is a competition amongst users over the best gallery. The gallery system is similar to that of a shop. You can create one here. The Gallery Spotlight page can be found here. What do you put in a gallery? Absolutely any item in Neopia.



Choosing a Theme
You shouldn’t just choose random items to throw into your gallery. You should choose a certain theme of items that your gallery will run along.

What theme should you choose? Pick a topic that interests you. Also, pick one that there are a fair enough amount of items for. For instance, you could choose to collect Lenny items. Lenny plushies, Lenny food, and Lenny Battledome items, etc.

Make sure you choose a theme within your price range though too. For instance, Faerie items may tend to be more expensive than Tiki-Tack items.

Before you choose a theme, look into the kinds of items that you are leaning towards. Make sure there are enough of them, and that they are affordable to you.



Collecting Items
After you choose a theme, the best thing to do is to make a checklist of items that fall under it. Find an item database and look up all items in that theme, and possibly place the names of those items on a Petpage. Don’t go buying all the items at once. That would be a quick way to bankrupt you. Keep withing a weekly/monthly budget and buy the items gradually. 


Collecting Items
You can create categories in your gallery. These can be used to sort items in different groups from each other. Don’t use this as an opportunity to have more than one theme in your gallery. You should only have one theme at a time. Don’t have one category of Fishing Hole items and another one of Geraptiku items.

The right way to do this is to sort the different types of items in one theme into the categories.

Example: If the theme is Neohome items, you could categorize by chairs, tables, rugs, windows, etc. Or you could also go by Living Room, Bathroom, Bedroom, etc.



You’ll have a better chance at winning the Gallery Spotlight if your page is more than just a white background with black font. Try finding a background and adjust the location of links. Change font colours and faces, and put your items in a table. You should have the layout theme and the colours match you items. If you collect blue items, have a blue themed layout for instance.

Can’t make a layout yourself? Try finding one on a Neopets help site or ask around to other users and see if you can request one made for you. 


Submitting your Gallery
To submit your gallery, go here. Before doing that, take into consideration a few points…

  • Don’t try to submit your gallery until you have a lot of items in it. A gallery with 10 items won’t nearly be enough. 75-100 items will give you a much better chance.
  • You may possibly have a gallery theme that is also a special time on Neopia. On these days, you will have a better chance of winning the Spotlight. For example, if you submit a Meridell gallery on the Discovery of Meridell day, then you have a better chance at victory.
  • The chances are that you won’t win the Spotlight on your first try. If you aren’t successful, bring up that childhood saying and try, try again.

Follow these guidelines, and you are on your way to making a fantastic gallery. With luck and determination, you could one day win a shiny gold trophy for you userlookup.

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