Neopets Giant Jelly Guide

Neopets Giant Jelly Guide

Sitting in the middle of Jelly World is a gigantic jelly… and you know what this means – yes, FREE JELLY for everybody who visits it!!! If your Neopet is hungry, why not grab a spoon and take some yummy jelly to eat? Simply click the button below for your daily free sample of jelly!

The giant jelly is a landmark in the “non-existent” world of Jelly World. The giant jelly is almost exactly like the giant omelette. You go to it and click the button that says “grab some jelly.” You will be given a piece of jelly and a jelly wocky will tell you that you can only have one jelly per day. Here are the different types of jelly you could get.

Jellies, like omelettes, can be eaten in multiple parts. The omelettes can be eaten in three parts. The jellys, though, can only be eaten in two parts.

If you try to take a second jelly on the same day, you are in big trouble. It automatically reports you for scamming Neopets and your account will be frozen in the same week. If you are absolutely crazy, then believe what I just said. Otherwise, this is what happens when you try to take a second jelly. The jelly keeper (the jelly wocky) will yell at you and say that you can only have one per day.

When the giant jelly runs out, you will have to wait for it to come back for you to get more. It can take anywhere from two days to a week for the jelly to come back.

NEVER eat the poisonous jellys. They will make your pet very sick. You will have to waste money on medicine. Please save time and neopoints and just discard them.


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