Neopets Giant Omelette Guide

Your pets hungry? Well – this is the place to go! Go here to visit the omelette.



Hundreds of years ago, a gi-normous dinosaur laid an egg. The egg cracked open, and rather than a small creature emerging, there was – er, an egg! Tyrannia, however close to the freezing terror mountain is sizzling hot. Enough sizzling hot to burn an egg? You betcha! The egg has cooked into a great omelette which is eaten by any hungry neopian. Yes, that’s right omelette is free ! 

Sabre-X growls ‘NO! You cannot take more than one slice per day!
Yes, all the omelette you can eat – that’s heaven. There has to be a catch. Well, you’re right there is one. You can only get one slice a day. Try getting more than one and the Omelette supervisor, Sabre-X gets mad. I know you’re thinking, but the ‘other twin’ idea doesn’t work. 

Yes – completely free, no price! So, if your pets are well fed and your pets aren’t in need of food you can sell your omelettes for uhm, about 10 neopoint profit! Erm – okay not much. So, think of it. 365 days a year, and 10 neopoints each day is 3,650 neopoints! An extra 3,650 neopoints a year, something you can’t do without! Erm, right moving on ^^;;.Of course there are a lot of hungry neopians so the omelette tend to disappear. Now, don’t slap your hands on your face and open your mouth like that. There are several gigantic monsters around tyrannia (peaceful ones, uhm, I think) and they continue to lay the egg. In the same place. For about 1000 years. Uhm – yeah, right let’s pretend that’s a coincidence. Basically if Sabre-X tells you that the omelette is gone all you have to do is wait a few hours and it’ll be back!

If the omelette is there, you can grab some. There are several different types of omelettes which you can get from the giant one. I guess the monster who lays this eggs leaves toppings too. o_o; Anyway there are rare omelettes and then there are the very common ones. Here are the rare and common (though I must warn you getting the rare ones is VERY hard):

  • Common:
    • Bacon
    • Bacon and Broccoli
    • BBQ Sauce
    • Carrot and Pea
    • Cheese
    • Cheese and Onion
    • Green Pepper
    • Meat Feast
    • Plain Omelette
    • Sausage Omelette
    • Sausage and Pepperoni
    • Veggie Delight
  • Rare:
    • Black Cherry Jelly
    • Black Currant
    • Chocolate
    • Chokato
    • Clay
    • Fresh Fruit Suprise
    • Ham and Cheese
    • Honey Blossom
    • Hot Tyrannian Pepper
    • Juppie
    • Little Fishy
    • Omelette of the Faeries
    • Spicy Red Pepper
    • Strawberry
    • Tangy Tigersquash
    • Tomato
    • Tomato and Pepper
    • Ugga Melon

Woohoo big deal, one meal. The stupid omelette thing only feeds my pet a little so it only goes up one hungry slot. Big Whoop. Erm, WRONG!… Omelette is different! Yeah – Omelette feeds your pet up three food notches. Omelette comes in three pieces, amazing eh?Now, you’re probably wondering what the different omelettes look like, eh?
One omelette however was not included in this list. Why hasn’t it been? Well, the name of the omelette is called rotten omelette. Yup that’s right. Rotten.rotten to the very eggy center of the omelette. This nasty omelette can get your pet terribly sick with Ugga-Ugga! The cure for the omelette is Sporkle Syrup, but it is terribly expensive. What is the worst, is rotten omelette is often confused with cheese omelette. See, rotten omelette is just, rotten cheese omelette. *shakes head* Rotten cheese, worst type of cheese. Anyway – telling them apart is difficult, because you can’t tell the difference till you actually eat the omelette, and uhm, get sick. So maybe you just shouldn’t eat either eh?