Neopets Go! Go! Go! Guide

Neopets Go! Go! Go! Guide

I know for a fact that Go! Go! Go! is quite a hard game, very confusing to understand. You’re probably thinking, “But ari! You have a trophy!” Ah, but you see. I did some random clicking around. Fabian is here to make sure you don’t rely on luck. :)


Basic Information:

Go! Go! Go! (click to play)
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Bacheek is a rather unsuccessful Go Go Go player. He doesnt really understand what he is doing but he tries very hard.
ObjectiveThe object of Go!Go!Go! is to clear all your cards before all or most of your opponents. If you think you have what it takes to take on and beat some of Tyrannia’s best card sharks then carry on reading. 


RulesYou start with 3 cards in your hand, 3 face up, and 3 face down. You must put a card that is equal or greater to the card that is down. Certain cards have special rules (See below) First you must get rid of all of the cards in your hand. Until the deck runs out you will have to have at least 3 cards in your hand at all times. If you do not have a card to put down you must pick up the pile. After you get rid of your deck you have to use your face up cards. You can only play one at a time. Once you finish them you have to use your face down cards. You don’t know what they are so this can get very tricky. You can only hope for the best. If you make an illegal move then you have to pick up all the cards that are in the pile. You have to beat most of the people in the round to advance to the next round. If you only beat some then you still earn neopoints. If you are the last person to get rid of all of your cards then you lose and win nothing.



This crafty gambler has earned so much money via his Switcharoo game that he invested in a professional Go! Go! Go! course (it cost him tens of thousands!).
Special Card RulesAs I said before, there are some special cards that can be used to help you out. I recommend saving these and using them when it will cause the most damage to your opponents.

A 2 is a wild card- The only card it can’t be played on is a 3.

You can only place odd cards on a 3 and only even cards on a 4.

When you put down a 10, you clear the pile and go again.
Clearing the pile – If you finish a set (if the person before you puts down two fives and then you put down two fives) then you clear the pile and go again.



Kyruggi didnt get to be Tyrannian Grand Elder for nothing. She is a brilliant strategist, fierce warrior and fantastic Go Go Go player!

Bacheek move stones… Bacheek no understand card game well. Bacheek lose lots.
Myncha was one of the first to venture northwards to the Volcano, and it was here he saw a group of prehistoric Scorchio’s playing Go! Go! Go! He watched quietly, and then told all his friends about this great new game – and they have been playing it ever since!
Tekeli-li is a Master of Spells and Potions, watch him very closely as he has been known to use the odd little bit of magic when things aren’t going his way.
Plesio loved the game as soon as Myncha told him about it. After hours of practice, he has now become pretty good.
Sargug loves to play GoGoGo, but gets very angry when he is beaten. Don’t sit too close to him as that big club can punch a hefty whack :)
Uggsul divides her day between playing GoGoGo and grooming her long tresses. Being fabulously wealthly she doesn’t play cards for the money. She wants to be the GoGoGo Champion to show off to Princess Fernypoo and stop the spoilt little Acara boasting about her Cheat games.
When Sabre-X isn’t supervising the Giant Omelette or having council meetings he likes to unwind with a game of GoGoGo. This master of strategy has a plan for almost every eventuality and is very hard to surprise.
The Tyrannian Battle Master is a truly fearsome opponent. He is a mean card player that will try every trick in the book, and he is rarely beaten.
This crafty gambler has earned so much money via his Switcharoo game that he invested in a professional Go! Go! Go! course (it cost him tens of thousands!). Aiming to keep up his reputation as the best gambler in Tyrannia, he will be hard to beat.
Kyruggi didn’t get to be Grand Elder for nothing. Do not under-estimate this little girl, she has played more games of GoGoGo than most Neopets have had hot soups. You will have to try very hard to have the slightest chance of beating Kyruggi.



Top Tips

  • Try to keep to a strategy
  • Use your lower cards where possible – Always use the lowest card you can
  • Save your 2s for when you don’t have anything else unless you have to play them
  • Only use one 2 at a time
  • Good Luck!

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