Neopets Great Qasalan Caper Guide

Neopets Great Qasalan Caper Guide

Great Qasalan Caper
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Great Qasalan Caper

Avg. NP/Score Ratio Difficulty Categories
1 NP per 1.48 points
For 1,000 NP, score 676.
Avatar Neopedia Cheats
None None
  • caperiffic: Win an extra 20 seconds
First Place Second Place Third Place



Our famous meerca brothers, Hermeedjet and Merouladen, star again. This time on a game. Here you play the two brothers that have to steal Nabile’s statues from mysterious and dangerous tombs, where they are kept.

In way to do this you’ll have to move rows of boxes in way to make the statues fall on the empty spaces. You can only move the rows that have statues.

  1. Rows that can be moved
  2. Inactive Meerca
  3. Active Meerca: this is the meerca you’re playing with at the moment. This will push the boxes to the opposite way (on this example he would push them to the left)
  4. Time left. Once per game you can type the code “caperiffic” to win more 20 seconds. It’s recommended that you save the code for a later level.


You’ll get points with the above objects and also with time bonus. The faster you are the higher your bonus will be. Here is a resume on each level and how much points you shall aim to on each, in way to get a 1000 neopoints score. After some train you can raise that score into a high-score table one.

Level Statues Time Score
1 4 90 175 – 200
2 5 90 350 – 400
3 6 90 650 – 700
4 8 60 820 – 900
5 10 60 1200
6 12 60 1600
7 15 30 2000 (enough for 1000 np)
8 20 30
9 20 30



Game Situations
Or “when to start all over”

On the first level you shall have 3 coins. Lyins appear 10 seconds after the level starts.

If a lyins is blocking your way you’ll have to wait till it moves. If after 10-20 seconds it doesn’t restart the game. If you are on a high level do the same and type the cheat code if it does not move.

If a full row is blocking your way you have to wait till a lyins eat a box and then sacrifice one of your statues or try to move a switch. If you’re on early levels restart.


Level Tips

Level One, Two and Three
They are straightforward and don’t require much thinking. Use this for your time bonus points, as they are easy to solve.

Level Four and Five
Minimum amount of lyins is four and they start appearing faster.

Level Six
Lyins come each time faster. Aim to straight drops while collecting coins and time. Avoid the gebs at first, to collect the bonus items.

Level Seven
Avoid columns of trophies, because lyins will get over them really fast.

Level Eight
Aim on immediate straight drops, because the lyins are now really fast.

Level Nine
You start with boxes and statues. If you are really fast you’ll get a nifty score, without lyins or bonus objects. However, if you’re not fast enough, between 8 and 10 lyins will appear on your screen blocking your path. You’ll now have to work your way around them to a straight drop, but it’s very based on luck.

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