Neopets Hannah and the Ice Caves Guide

Neopets Hannah and the Ice Caves Guide

Basic Information

Hannah and the Ice Caves (click to play)
Game ratio:
2 NP per 100 pts scored
Quick cheats:

Having completed the Pirate Caves, Hannah’s back, and this time she’s not alone. In Hannah and the Ice Caves you have help from your friend Armin the Bori. He may not be able to jump as high as Hannah, and he can’t swim but Armin can crawl through snow and destroy some enemies by running them over.

To complete each level you must guide both Hannah and Armin to the exit. Open the door by collecting every piece of treasure on the level. Be careful when running as the icy ground will make you slide all over the place!

To play, use the arrow keys to move and the space bar to jump. Use S key to switch between Hannah and Armin. You can also crouch and switch to the next character and the first one will still be crouched. Remember however, if one dies, both do! X.x;; ACK.

There are 25 levels, including 5 bonuses. Fun fun. =)


(hannah) Walk right, jumping over the spikes, until you see water. Jump in, and collect the three treasure chests. Jump out to the right, collect the other 2 treasure chests, and return to the left to the door. (armin) Walk left to the door.

(armin) Walk left, crawl through the ice, and run over the enemy. Continue left, collect the treasure, and return to the door. (hannah) Walk right to the door.

Icy Boulders
(hannah) walk right, jump to up to the first ledge, push the boulder right, jump up twice and push that boulder right. Basically, just push all the boulders off the ledges onto the spikes, then go right to the door. (armin) Go right to the door; remember to jump over the spikes.

Volley of Arrows
(hannah) Go left, hit the arrow, wait for the metal box to be hit. Jump over it and hit the next arrow. Go left and hit the third arrow, but make sure you get out of the way of the falling boulders. Collect the treasure chest. (armin) Go right, crawl through the ice, and hit all the arrows. Keep in mind that the third arrow will set off a booby trap. Collect the treasure. Go left to the door.

It’s Dynamite!
(hannah) Go right, hit the dynamite, and wair for the boulders and treasure to fall. (armin) go right, jump over the boulders, and runover the enemy. Go right and wait at the door. (hannah) Jump over the boulders, hit the arrow, and collect the treasure that falls. Go right and crawl through the secret passage. Jump onto the ledge and hit the arrow. Collect the treasure, and go back left to the door.

Warm Up
(hannah) Go left and collect the 4 treasure chests, then jump right and collect 4 more. Jump down to the right and crawl to the ladder. Wath out for the enemy- if you crawl, he’ll miss you. Climb the ladder, jump up the the left, careful of the enemy, and collect 4 more treasure chests. Climb 3 ledges, then jump down left and collect the treasure. Jump back to the ledges, and continue jumping up, this time to the right. When it says ‘door open’ drop back along the ledges to the right, then drop to the door. (armin) Crawl right through tht ice, keep crawling until you get to the ladder. Climb the ladder. Crawl left through the ice until you get to the gap in the floor. Jump the gap, and go left to the door.

Snow Beast Attack!
(hannah) Jump right, don’t go down the pasage, keep going right until you see the arrow. Hit the arrow. (armin) Go right, climb down the ladder, and crawl left throuch the ice to the treasure chests. Go back up the ladder. and continue going right. Crawl through the ice passage, then go up the ladder. Go left and hit the arrow. Make sure you get out of the way of the 2 boulders that will fall. Stay there. (hannah) Jump over the gap and onto the ledges, Jump up (through) the ledges and collect the treasure. Hit the arrow, then get out of the way of the 2 boulders that will fall. Jump right, and climb down the ladder. Collect the treasure, then climb back up. Jump right again, then fall to the right. Collect the treasure, then jump right over the spikes. Jump up through the platform. Walk right along the platform, drop to the treasure, collect it, then jump back up. Continue right, jump down the the platform, then jump left to the floor. Go down the ladder, collect the treasure, and swim left. Go left. There are 2 rampaging snowbeasts there, but you need the treasure. You can’t kill them, so you’ll have to jump over them. It’s a bit tricky, if you jump too soon or too late, you’ll hit their horns. Collect the treasure, then go back to the right. Climb the ladder, and wait there. (armin) Jump up to the right, and continue to the right, jumping over all the gaps. Jump down to the right, and run over the enemy. (hannah) Jump up to the right, and climb the ladder to the door.

Spooky Caves
(hannah) Jump left up the stairs, then jump to the platform on your right. Hit the arrow. Jump down and collect the treasure (after the dynamite blows up, of course!) Climb back up the the left and climb the ladder. Go right and hit the dynamite. After it explodes, Jump to the ladder on your right. From the ladder, jump to the ‘stairs’ on your left, then to the platform. Hit the arrow, then jump down and collect the treasure. From there, climb over to the lrft side, and do the same. (Jump to the platform, hit the arrow, and collect the treasure.) Climb down the ladder on the left side, and fall to the floor below, being careful not to fall on any enemies. You can hit the arrow if you like, but it won’t do anything. Stand directly to the right, beside the dynamite on the left side. Crawl right. You’ll enter a secret area, so you can get the treasure without having to blow up the dynamite (as it’s impossible to blow up.) Once you’re standing directly under the treasure, jump to collect it, then go back down to the right and wait at the now open door. (armin) Climb up the steps to your left, careful of the enemies, then down them on the other side to the door.

Nothing But Nothing
(hannah) go left, past 5 little pools of water, jump the snow beast, then hit the arrow by the door. Wait at the door. (armin) Run left, collecting treasure as you go. Don’t worry, the water is shallow enough that you won’t drown. Jump up to the door.

The Glacier of Doom
(hannah) jump up to the right, careful not to fall in the holes. Jump the snow beast, collect the treasure, and continue to the right. Jump down the 4th hole after the snowbeast. Walk right to the door. (armin) Jump left along the glacier, until you see the ice pasage. Crawl through it to the right. There are 2 caverns with treasure and enemies. You can run over them, but make sure you don’t try to run over them and collect the treasure at the same time as you’ll die. Continue right to the door.

Frosty Cavern
(armin) Push the boulder right, then jump down after it. Hit the arrow to the left, collect the treasure to the left, then continue pushing the boulder right, over the treasure and onto the spikes. Collect the treasure, jump over the spikes, and jump down. Run over the enemy, then crawl through the tunnel to your left. Collect the treasure, then crawl back to the right. Continue right, making sure you jump over the dynamite. jump on the ledges, climb up being careful of the enemy, climb the ladder, and hit the arrow. Crawl through the icy tunnels. Wait there. (hannah) Follow in armin’s footsteps, clooecting any treasure he mised because he couldn’t jump high enough. When you get to the place where a bunch of boulders fell, you’ll see a room to the right, with 2 treasure chests in it. It appears that you can’t get into it. Not so. If you look closely, you’ll see a secret hole in the floor of the room. Jump through it, and collect the treausre. After that, just join armin. Both characters need to jump from the wooden platform to the door. Hannah may have trouble with this, as he jumps too high. Just make sure she’s on the very edge of the platform, and that you press the <- key as you jump.

Hannah’s Solo Climb
((This is quite easy!)) (armin) Go right, and crawl through the icy passage, and wait at the door. (hannah)Jump down to the left, but be careful, there are spikes right below you! And there is an icy ghost, so once you get down, duck, and see where the icy ghost is. Next, jump onto the first ledge you see and get the treasure to the left of you. Go onto the next ledge, and get the treasure to the right. Jump down, and hit the two arrows. Collect the treasure and continue down to the right. As soon as you jump down crawl to the left, and you should enter a secret passage which *should* lead to the gem. Come back out of the icy passage and continue right and up the ladder. Beware of the icy ghost at the top! Go left, and continue down the next ladder. Collect the treasure, and climb up the next ladder, and beware of the icy ghost. Jump straight down and collect the treasure. DO NOT JUMP DOWN THE RIGHT! Jump over the spikes to the left, crawl through and collect the last treasyre, and proceed through the door where armin is waiting for you. —- Hannah’s Solo Climb done by Aradhna64 

Big Trouble
(armin) Crawl left through the icy passage, until you get to the ladder. Start climbing. After a bit, you should see an ‘island’ on the right. Keep climbing until it is just below the bottom of the screen. Jump, and hold the -> key. Land on the ‘island’, collect the treasure, and jump off again, this time to the left, holding the left key. When you land at the ladder, continue your ascent. You’ll passs the first ‘island’, then a second one further to the right. Keep climbing slowlt until you see the flying enemy. Just below it, jump off the ladder to the right, and hold the -> key. Again, collect the treasure then get back to the ladder by jumping left and holding the <- key. Continue climbing. You’ll pass a ledge with an enemy on it. Shortly after that, you’ll reach a ledge with treasure. Collect the treasure, then return to the ledge with the enemy. Run over the enemy, and walk to the far right side of the ledge, and onto the wooden platform. Jump and hold the -> key. You’ll land on a ledge with some treasure. Collect the treasure, and walk left off the edge. Fall to the next ledge. Collect the treasure and hit the arrow. Wait a bit (you’ll see an arrow, don’t worry, it won’t hit you) then walk left off the ledge and fall to hannah and the door. (hannah) Walk to the door on the right.


Gunther’s Revenge
(hannah) Walk right, to the hole. As soon as you start falling press and hold the <- key. You’ll enter a secret area. Follow it. It goes up a bit, then right, then down, then left. Eventually, it will lead to an arrow. Hit it, then run left. Once the boulders fall, go back to the right and jump down. Go left along the pool of water, until you came to an arrow and a ladder. Hit the arrow, and climb the ladder. You’ll see treasure boxes just out of reach above you, and an arrow to your left. Ignore it (DO NOT HIT IT!) and walk right. A little ways along, you’ll see another arrow pointing up. Hit it, then get out of the way as an arrow will drop towards you. Now go back to the left and hit the first arrow. Collect the treasure that falls. Climb the ladder, and jump strait up through 2 platforms. Hit the arrow, then jump left and collect the treasure. Fall back down to the top of the ladder, and walk left. Do not hit any arrows. Crawl a little ways into the tunnel on the left, and wait there. (armin) Walk right, and fall down the hole. Don’t enter the secret area. Just befofe you reach the bottom, go left to avoid landing on a crate of dynamite. Walk along to the left through the shallow water, avoiding the dips. Climb the ladder, and walk right. Climb the ladder. You’ll see 4 arrows. Hit the second one from the right. Wait for the boulders to fall, then enter the icy passage to your left. Crawl along, and push the boulder onto the spikes. Climb the ladder, go right, and jump onto the platform. Go left along the platform, then jump down and go halfway down the ladder, onto a ledge. Push the boulder to the right, and onto the spikes. Return to the door. (hannah) Continue crawling left through the tunnel, climb the ladder, and join armin at the door, with the help of the platform.

Splish Splash
(hannah) Wait about 30 seconds for the area below you to partially fill with water, then fall to your right and collect as much treasure as you can from the platforms. Don’t worry about the ones you can’t reach just yet. Enter the secret area. It is in the bottom right corner, just above the spikes. Climb to the arrow, hit it, then jump down. Wait on a platform to avoid drowning. (armin) Once the dynamite has exploded, go left and climb the ladder to safety. Collect the treasure at the right side of the upper ledge.Wait by the door. (hannah) Collect the remainder of the treasure. Once the water is high enough, Jump back onto the ledge where you started. Climb the ladder, and join armin at the door.

Stairs of Death
(armin) Crawl through the tunnel to your left. Hit the arrow, Wait by the door. (hannah) Jump up along the platforms, and push all the boulders onto the spikes. Jump up and to the left, and collect the tresure. Jump along to the right, and up along the platforms. Collect all treasure you see. When you get to the top, go left. Run along the ice surface, and collect the treasure. Jump to the next one, to the left. Fall down the hole between the 2 ice surfaces. Go back to the right and up, until you arrive at the platform that is near the right wall. Fall, staying close to the right wall. Walk left to the door.

Icy Skeletal Hoards

Zig Zag

Dig It!

Icy Islands

Hannah on the Rocks
(hannah) Go right, and fall. After you pass the first ‘island’, hit the <- key. Jump down, not on the spikes, and hit the arrow. Jump onto the platform, and from there, up and to the left. Go up 5 ‘islands’ until you can’t go any further to the left. Wait there. (armin) Go left, jumping down the islands and then falling to the floor. Run over the enemy, then go through the icy passage to the left. Run over the enemy, and hit the arrows. Continue going left, collecting treasure, until you come to the ladder. Climb it. Go to the next ladder to your right and climb it too. Run left, hitting the lower arrows. Wait for the arows above to fly. Then go back to the left, this time jumping to hit the upper arrows, then moving left to avoid being hit. Cloosec the treasure that falls, and wait at the door. (hannah) You should see 2 little islands, one diretly above, and one above and to the right. Jump to the one above and to the right, then jump to the other, going left. Jump left into the wall. You’ll enter a secret area. Go left along the secret area, then fall, as that’s the only place you can go. Then merely follow armin, left to the ladder, climb it, right to the ladder, climb it, and finally left to the door.

(hannah) Jump right, across the ledges. Hit the first 2 arrows you see. The second one will blow up all the dynamite. Jump over the spikes to the ladder, and clooect the 2 treasure chests. Climb the ladder and jump across the platforms. Wait on the other side of the colum of ice. (armin) Jump down and crawl along through the ice, collecting all treasure you see. Climb the ladders, jump onto the platform, then fall left. Crawl through the ice, hit the arro, then continue crawling. Climb the ladders, and wait there. (hannah) Hit the arrows, go down the ladder, and crawl left along the passage. Climb the ladders collecting treasure as you go. (armin) go right, collect the treasure, and wait at the door. (hannah) Jump right, and continue right to the door.

Sunken Treasures

Armin’s Task

**Free Fall
When I first saw this level, I must admit, I panicked. It turned out to be one of the more simple levels, however. Use one character (hannah or armin, it doesn’t make a difference) and start going down one of the ladders. Use the other to fall. Switch from one to the other to see there the next treasure will be, and take it one step at a time. I successfully completed it on my first try.

**Winter Wonderland

(armin) Climb down the ladder and crawl along the icy passages. When you see an arrow, let go of the down key, then pres it again quickly to kep crawling. Do this for the first 3 arrows, then wait. (hannah) Jump along the platforms, and metal crates until you get to a dip in the ground. Wait there, as you’ll be safe from enemies. (armin) continue crawling along the icy pasagess, making sure you hit every arrow. Wait when you get to the ladder. (hannah) Continue along to the right, jumping on platforms and boulders and collecting treasure until you get to the ladder. Climb it. Here there’s a drop. You need to go down, and get all the floating treasure without being hit by the icicles. You may have to try a few times to get it right. It helps if you switch between hannah and armin to see the whole drop. Wait at the bottom. (armin) Climb down the ladder and hit the arrow. Continue along to the left, but do not jump down. (hannah) Jump along over the boulders. Hit the arrow, and after the boulders fall, continue left. Collect the treasure and jump to the platform. Wait there. (armin) Continue along to the left, being careful not to fall. If you fall, you’ll have to start again. Run over the enemy and hit the dynamite. Jump down to the platform, then climb the metal boxes to the door. (hannah) climb the metal boxes to the left to the door.

(hannah) Go left, jump to break the wooden bok, then collect the treasure that falls. Go right, jump over the spikes, and push the boulder into the spikes. Jump over the gap, bush the boulder into the spikess, and jump over the spikes. Push the first boulder into the spikes, snd the second right into the gap. Jump down after it. Very carefully blow up the dynamite, being careful not to blow uo the ladder. Climb the ladder and collect the treasure. Jump over the spikes to the right, andpush the boulder into them. Jump over the gap, jump over the spikes to the right, then push the boulder into them. Jump up and to the right, into the wall. There’s a secret passage. Walk right, then fall down. Crawl left, bush the boulder onto the spikes, get the treasure, then continue pushing the boulder left as far as you can. Go back into the secret pasage to the right, and this time crawl right. Do not hit the arrow yet. Wait by the door. (armin) Jump right over the gaps, jump down the same place hannah did. Basically, go exactly where hannah went, until you get to the end. Instead of jumping into the secret passage (it’s too high) just fall to the right. Crawl along the passage to the left, until you come to the room hannah’s in. Crawl through the ice to the right, climb the ladder, and get the treasure. Go back down, and wait just right of the door. (hannah) hit the arrow, and join armin just left of the door. Dynamite will fall everywhere except there. Blow up the dynamite (careful not to blow yourself up) collect all the treasure, and go to the door.

(hannah) Go right. Hit all the arrowss you see, then quickly go further right so the metal boxes don’t fall on you. Don’t hit the last arrow before the gap, instead, jump to the other side and hit that arrow. It will accomplish the same thing, but get 2 arrows out of your way. (armin) Go right, drop down the secret pasage, and go left. crawl through the ice, and climb the ladder. Collect the treasure, then carefully blow the dynamite up. Jump left to the next ledge, and collect the treasure there, too. If you fall, you’ll need to start over. Once you’ve collected all the treasure, fall left, and down the secret passage. Wait at the door. (hannah) Fall left to where the boulders fell, crawl left along the secret passage, then walk left to the door.

The following is a collection of all the words in the background, taken from Hannah and the Ice Caves. See the screenshot below.

Levels 1-5 have no writing in the background.
Level 6- Warm Up- “HELP ME…”
Level 7- Snow Beast Attack!- “JUMP HANNAH JUMP”
Level 8- Spooky Caves- “CAREFUL WITH THE ARROWS”
Level 9- Nothing But Nothing- “HELP!”
Level 10- The Glacier of Doom- “MOSILA WAS HERE”
Level 11- Frosty Cavern- “DAHLING”
Level 12- Hannah’s Solo Climb- “IT’S GETTING COLD…”
Level 13- Big Trouble- “<- THIS WAY ->”
Level 14- Fireworks- “BOOM”
Level 15- Gunther’s Revenge- “SLOTH WAS HERE”
Level 16- Splish Splash- “STAY OUT”
Level 17- Stairs of Death- “MUAHAHAHA”
Level 18- Icy Skeletal Hordes- “BEHOLD THE SKELETAL ARMY”
Level 19- Zig Zag- “DIRIGIBLES”
Level 20- Dig It!- “CAN YOU DIG IT?”
Level 21- Icy Islands- “ON AN ISLAND IN THE SUN”
Level 22- Hannah on the Rocks- “FLY HANNAH FLY”
Level 23- Arrowned- “PIRATEZUG”
Level 24- Sunken Treasures- “TAKE A DEEP BREATH :)”
Level 25- Armin’s Task- “TAKE COVER”
Bonus Level 1- **Free Fall- none found
Bonus Level 2- **Winter Wonderland- “FLOWER POWER”
Bonus Level 3- **Avalanche- “PIRATEZUG”
Bonus Level 4- **Jump- “MIGHT AS WELL JUMP”
Bonus Level 5- **Muahaha- *picture of blonde guy*

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