Neopets Healing Springs Guide

Neopets Healing Springs Guide

Your pet beaten to a pulp in the Battledome? Or is it just plain sick? Here’s the guide for you!

Here is a list of all the healing potions she sells regularly:

The Healing Springs Faerie does not tolerate cheating!

On occasions when your Neopet has come done with an illness, she will cure them free of charge (What is more fabulous is that she can heal any disease!). The Healing Springs Faerie dislikes seeing Neopets who have done no wrong be tortured by a common virus. But suspiciously, she sometimes gives out poisonous snowballs. Was it a joke, or probably a cry for attention? I mean, she does sit there on that cloud all year healing Neopets.

Incase some of you are curious to which diseases your Neopet can get, check out theHospital in the Neopian Plaza and the Pharmacy in the Main Shops Area to buy cures.

Many believe that the Healing Springs Faerie is actually Nereid, the water faerie that rescued homeless Maraquans stuck in their communities’ houses. She never reveals her identity when asked, and merely is distracted by another pet fooling around in her sparkling fountain. However, in the early hours of morning, singing can be heard waking up the trees and flowers, just like the kind of singing Nereid was famous for.


There’s NO WAY I’m you! I’m much more prettier!

Another mystery about the Healing Springs is… where does the water come from? Some Neopians believe the water is from the evaporation in the air, condensed into the clouds. Another solution some witty Neopets came up with is that the Healing Springs Faerie transports water up from the Neopian Ocean and purifies it. When her clouds get grey and heavy, she releases the excess water over Neopia forming rain and rain drops.

Though a very curious place, The Healing Springs has helped Millions and their ill Neopets.Remember, you can only get your pets healed at the Healing Springs every 30 minutes!

* It is completely random on what she will give you. It could be curing your active Neopet, or even recovering all of them by 15 Hit Points each! The Number of hit points given to your Neopets is completely random, however. ;)

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