Neopets Hidden Altador – Altador Cup 2014 NC Component!

As part of the Altador Cup traditions, the NC Component this year is called the “Hidden Altador” (another NC event, yeah!).

Hidden Altador is located far off the coasts of Altador city. Everyday you will collect souvenirs on the map, and eventually discover Altador’s hidden safe, where you will most likely obtain a elusive neocash item!

To access this challenge, you will need NC of course. Starting June 1st, Enchanted Compasses will be available in the NC Mall to be bought. You will need these compasses to guide you through the maps of the Hidden Altador.

Hidden Altador Map

As posted on the Altador Cup NC page,

Coming Soon! Starting on June 1st, enchanted compasses will be available to explore the hidden parts of Altador. Look beyond the cup itself to discover a fascinating city and find  new souvenir each day. From gardens to guard towers, Altador has much to reveal. Come back then to gain access.

Update June 1: The Hidden Altador event has kicked off and you can purchase a Hidden Altador Hall of Fountains Enchanted Compass for 700 NC in the NC mall.

Hidden Altador Enchanted Compass

This is the first of the four Enchanted Compasses to be released in the NC Mall.

After you have purchased the compass, go to your inventory, click on the compass, and than click the action “Activate Enchanted Compass” to activate the compass.

Once activated, you’ll have access to the Hidden Altador map. From there, today’s compass will grant you access to the Hall of Fountains.

Goto the Hall of Fountains where you can pick up a case with a question mark on it to receive your daily prize!

Today’s daily prize was the “Marble Halls Gown“:

Marble Halls Gown
This gown is quite heavy as it has been carved from stone.
This was an NC prize for visiting the Hall of Fountains during Altador Cup IX.